Author Topic: Why do you love your Caddy?  (Read 3230 times)

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Re: Why do you love your Caddy?
« Reply #60 on: February 14, 2018, 08:19:50 AM »
Love is a strong word. I guess obsessed is more appropriate. The longer I own my Cadillac the more obsessed I become. I created several signs, a book, computer screen savers and even a floor mat as an entrance to my office. I have my relatives, friends and neighbors with the bug. A guy I see often at car shows calls me CADILLAC MAN. He owns a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville convertible. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.
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Re: Why do you love your Caddy?
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Well for me it was love at first sight! There she was sitting in a driveway as I drove by. She must have winked or something cause I had to pull over and turn around and go back to check her out. Had to stop back on the way back and a couple other times before I took her home! Everybody kept asking me what was wrong with me wanting a old boat like that (1974 Fleetwood). Not sure if it was cause she is big, black, has that cloth gold interior or the way she floats. Its just love at first sight!

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Re: Why do you love your Caddy?
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By pure chance, I was reading an Indiana history magazine today at the library before checking out my latest Bosch & Dave Robicheaux novels. There was an article about the wealthy and famous that lived in Indianapolis back in the 1920s. One such mentioned was a gentleman who had owned one of my 1941 Cadillacs. I think it was the fast back coupe with the SO leather front seat. He was a stock broker. It's rather neat to have some connection with those people who had some of the history in your home town. I never did find out anything about the original owners of my two Series 67 limos, though.
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