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Re: 74 Eldorado parade boot question:
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You’re probably right, I will likely buy a hard boot because it appears tha is what it had when new. I’ve seen them at OPGI for about $600 or so unpainted. Looks like a soft boot is $250or so but I agree, in either case, Black is the color
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Re: 74 Eldorado parade boot question:
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Looked too much like the back of a Rolls Royce/ Bentley/Daimler to me.

Cadillac was going backwards in trying to copy something that was old and outdated.

Bruce. >:D

They were Sevilles you either loved or hated.  I personally loved them.  They were really a bold styling move for Cadillac.  The bustle back was quickly copied by Lincoln and Chrysler.  Yes they looked like RR's of old, but dealers were already installing RR grilles, which I personally did not like.
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Re: 74 Eldorado parade boot question:
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You can generally find decent used ones for about $350-500.  If your car does not have the receiver hardware for the locking pins on the hard boot you will need that kit.  Hydro Electric in Florida has the kits.  If you buy a used one make sure that it has the locking pins and all of the rubber parts on the underside of the boot.

If you are not familiar with what's needed to fit this to your car, let me know and I will post some pics of what I am referring to.

Good Luck,

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Re: 74 Eldorado parade boot question:
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On the 71-76 range i've not seen many soft boots, but what i have seen have only been white or black vinyl. I have a white vinyl soft boot with Apollo yellow body, tan interior. I like the white soft boot as it matches what the white roof would have done to split up the color palette betwee interior and body. This is why my parade boot might look good in white :)
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Re: 74 Eldorado parade boot question:
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No need to drill any holes! :-o  The Eldorado came with a factory soft boot, it would snap onto the woodgrain quarter pad, and had flat nylon tabs that slid under the stainless molding around the rear of the well opening.  The parade boot was optional....

If you want the original GM vinyl soft boot, I have a few in stock in various colors (including white).  Or you can buy them at most convertible specialist places's the same dimensions/pattern as any 1971-75 GM full sized convertible (Impala, Caprice, LeSabre, etc).  Trim shops make customized ones if you prefer. 

A note on "new" parade boots.  They are NOT reproductions.  "GM authorized" and "reproduction" are not one in the same.  The new boots are lighter in weight and possibly not as strong (less fiberglass or ?), and the parts kits are usable but are not identical to the originals.  In fact the Hydro-L-ectric replacement/conversion part for the quarter trim pad is downright embarrassing...a bare piece of stamped metal.   The original was a shiny stainless steel part.  Bare metal does not suit an Eldorado well, my friends!  LOL....That is why good used originals will always cost more than the aftermarket "replacement".


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