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General Discussion / Re: Air Conditiioning
« Last post by Dan LeBlanc on Today at 07:05:55 AM »
1953 did not have an electric clutch . . . it was an always on system also with a bypass solenoid to take the evaporator out of the loop when the system was switched off.  I believe the owner's manual refers to returning to your dealer to have the belts removed in winter.
General Discussion / Re: The end of the automotive era
« Last post by gkhashem on Today at 05:29:12 AM »
You can rant Steve, you are correct.

The government is slowly restricting the freedom to move about. They are thinking of restricting cars in big cities now, then a ban eventually. For all those who poo poo it, you must have been around when automobiles came about. Never would we not use the horse and buggy, then went out and invested in a horse whip factory. I remember a business case study where a wealthy family in the 1890s set up a trust where all the funds were to be invested in the Pullman car company. We can guess how that turned out! Can you say would you like fries with that, or maybe paper or plastic?

The only thing I agree with is that will not happen soon, but I would bet you guys that in 50 years and maybe less we will be off the roads and only the ruling class will be able to move about freely.

Out of sight, out of mind makes people so gullible. These people think electricity is CLEAN......  It's a lack of education and critical thinking.

I think I read somewhere that you cannot commit suicide in a closed garage with the car running anymore. So how clean is that!

I guess Hollywood will need a new plot line to commit suicide... on second thought they are doing a good job of doing that to themselves lately with all the scandals.

General Discussion / Re: The end of the automotive era
« Last post by Steve Passmore on Today at 04:08:56 AM »
Our Government has announced that the sale of Deisel or petrol cars will be banned here 20 years from now, and all will be electric I suppose?  That's crazy when there is no feasible alternative in place right now, plus successive governments will be able to amend and delay any such plans.  I don't see it happening.  Hundred years perhaps.
What beats the hell out of me is all these tree huggers advocating electric, but just where do they think the electric comes from? Mostly fossil fuel power stations in this country!!  There needs to be a much better way of harvesting and storing electricity for it to work.
Our government seems to always be under the impression that this small island can make a difference to the global warming. What nonsense when a country the size of China produces more CO2 in a few days that we do in a whole year, and they have no intention of stopping.  Sorry, my rant for the day.
General Discussion / Re: The end of the automotive era
« Last post by MickeyCaddy on Today at 03:55:53 AM »
I hear ya. I, for one, am thrilled to be the guardian of a wonderful, classic 1955 Cadillac, and plan to enjoy the hell out of it for as long as I live!!!
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General Discussion / Re: The end of the automotive era
« Last post by The Tassie Devil(le) on Today at 02:36:24 AM »
They just had a NEWS item regarding driverless vehicles, and for us here in Australia, they said that there would have to be a minimum of 700 Law changes, and that doesn't take into account the Insurance Industry problems involving them.

Plus, Until the prices come down to a respectable level, which will include the low-priced Used Car Market, it will take a very long time to come into being.

Bruce. >:D
General Discussion / Re: The end of the automotive era
« Last post by Glen on Today at 01:42:43 AM »
The scary part for me is the transition period. And that is fast coming.  With the automatic features like automatically keeping the car in the lane, automatic braking etc. The driver becomes more casual about his/her driving responsibility.  They lose situational awareness.  That’s when accidents happen.
On the other hand driverless cars have a long ways to go, I think.  I would not want one that will not exceed the speed limit, around here everyone goes 10 MPH over.  If I was in a car that did not exceed the speed limit I would be the most hated person.  The cars need to keep up with traffic. 

They also need a little more guts.  I read of one self driving car that got stalled at the 4 way stop.  It was programed to not move until all other cars came to a stop.  None did, so it just sat there. 
G'day Muhammad,

The one that is being referred to is the main sensor that operates the Temperature Warning Light, when the coolant temperature is getting out of hand.

It screws into the front of the block, and into the coolant passage, and gives the driver instant notification of the impending problem.   This is used instead of a Temperature Gauge.

The blind sensors are totally different, and do not touch coolant at all.

The small sensors will fit the same holes, but the large one will not.

Trust this helps.

Bruce. >:D
Crankcase must be the technical term for  "block". There's no way a switch will be Inside the engine. It's probably just located a little lower on those years.

The manual talks about a water temp switch under the AC compressor, is this a similar bolted switch like the other two? This is the switch linked to the water temp light.

I don't know from my OWN personal experience (thankfully) but
that of a friend.  My friend had a restored '55 Eldorado like mine
(but a different color) that was involved in a fire.  The whole engine
compartment and half the car was toast from the heat.  He took it
to a reputable restoration house and got their estimate.  Hagerty
cut him a check for that amount -- case closed.

I thinks that speaks volumes since the cost approached 6 figures.

BTW, I also insure with Hagerty and have for 20 years.

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