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Re: 1939 Series 61 found in Texas
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Maybe he sold it once he realized what he got himself into. I am sure I don't have to tell a lot of you but it is a significant commitment to restore one of these cars properly. What with the unavailability of correct parts and the resellers looking to make a fortune on the parts that are available, it is neigh on impossible for the average man to do one of these right.

I hope this is not the case with this car.

I can't, with words, describe the times I have been utterly discouraged. It would be so much less expensive to "restomod" my car. Not going to happen.
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Re: 1939 Series 61 found in Texas
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Yes, I'm sure you are right. So many times these projects are begun with a burst of enthusiasm but stalled when the many difficulties appear. I too am guilty of this and my projects run decades as they sputter along awaiting parts, time & budget.

All too often we see a complete car like the one in this thread taken to bits and then abandoned as a basket case. I hope this excellent example finds a better fate.

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Re: 1939 Series 61 found in Texas
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I have several engine parts, 6 heads , intake manifold,lots of parts for a 1937 if engine needs anything, I got alot of engine parts when I bought my 1937, Lasalle, two v8 engine blocks, extra pistons, extra crankshafts, cams etc.

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Re: 1939 Series 61 found in Texas
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Okay folks, getting started on the 39 FINALLY!

Sold all my other projects so I can concentrate on the Caddy! Built a shop, now ready to go :)

I'm installing the new gas tank first, but need some advise on acquiring the correct straps for the tank.

I also need some good quality headliner parts or kit?

Front and back seats are at the upholsterers and the steering wheel is at Steering Wheel Bob's!