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1960 Sedan Deville Project - MidwestIsBest
« on: August 13, 2017, 01:16:22 PM »
I purchased this 1960 Sedan Deville in September of 2016.

It's in decent shape. The floors are solid, 90% of the trim is there, windows intact trunk solid. The interior is there but will be replaced eventually. The windows seals were bad and the carpet was WET upon inspection. I ripped it out immediately. The dash is cracked in several places. No surprise there. This is a non-AC car.

There was one caveat:

The motor that WAS in it, had been CUT out! They had taken a saw to the portion of the frame where the motor mounts sat!

Fast forward to December of 2016 and I was able to locate a 390 and transmission from a '62 Cadillac that had recently been pulled. I rented a van from UHaul and made a 3 hour trek to pick it up.

I still had some engine accessories to buy, which are en route soon. The car came WITH the original driveshaft, generator and some odds & ends.

The latest question, which I think I've solved has to do with the transmission mount on the rear crossmember. Remember, the car is a '60 BUT the engine & trans are a '62. And according to the internet, there are two distinct transmission mounts!

I just ordered a mount for a '60 yesterday. BUT after looking at the bottom of the transmission, I may have to order the '62 mount.

I've found some resources on the facebook and have a 1959 & 60 shop manual but thought I'd formally introduce myself here and hope to gain some valuable knowledge.

Up next, I think is tackling electrical. According to the previous owner, it was driven to the spot I purchased it from. So, my hope is that most of that is still intact.

The barn in the photos is mine.

W Seipel
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Re: 1960 Sedan Deville Project - MidwestIsBest
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Here are some better (I hope) photos: