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Window molding for 1991 Seville
« on: November 14, 2017, 12:09:47 PM »
As these cars were scarce when new, I'm not expecting too much, but both rubber moldings for the LH front and rear doors of my '91 Seville are shrinking badly on the back edges. I'm sure the earlier years that used the same body would fit as well. It appears that they were molded in one piece as I can't find a beginning and ending anywhere.

I haven't had time yet to try junk yard dealers as yet, but plan to soon. Thanks in advance. If you have seen one of these in a yard, please let me know. Remember that this is the "little" body, not the "new" one for 1992. Even a damaged pair might help as I could cut a section of the straight top/bottom molding and insert them so I could relieve the pressure and refasten the back part to the chrome. (I think a couple of straight razor cuts would be better than the molding coming loose.) BW.
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