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Want To Buy / Re: Crankshaft Hub Puller for Cadillac 500
« Last post by Loveofclassics78 on Today at 04:52:02 AM »
Ok, to ensure that I'm using the right holes on the flange, I'll reset everything and set it up again. Better safe

Good idea with the wrench. Guess I can get it wedged in there. I also read that if you stick a screwdriver through the flywheel, it will keep the crank from turning. Sounds primitive though. I'm always afraid of damaging something.
Cappy102 and George,
Bill Rodwick
Don't know if this one is still for sale.
Agreed normally Bobby but Eric said the impeller is Brass! That just spits off weld doesn't it?
Come on guys! You're being a bit hard on it. It's only $9500! Still a high-end car when finished.  I wish my first 41 convertible restoration had been 10% as good as that to start with and mine cost me that much to get back here over 20 years ago.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Stromberg emulsion tubes
« Last post by Steve Passmore on Today at 03:10:30 AM »
Sorry John, but the only two times I have attempted to remove the Main Discharge tubes from Stromberg's I have found the remains of tiny lead seals that sit right at the top of the tube against the body before they enter the Venturi. In both cases, they have been pulled apart on removal. Perhaps fitted by some aftermarket re-builder firm, but what do I know?
That seems to be at odds with the 1939 Manufacturing information Brad, which states 4 seconds??
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1956 Generator
« Last post by Roger Zimmermann on Today at 02:01:22 AM »
The '56 Sedan de Ville I had was equipped with a Carter carb. According to the shop manual, idle and RPM are adjusted only with the air screw and both mixture screws. When I bought that car in 1982, somebody had installed a screw to adjust the RPMs at idle. Without that screw, there was idle. I adjusted the RPMs to have the generator light was just out.
Otherwise, the car ran well and had a rather good mileage, about 13 l/100km on long distances.
From memory: they are the same.
For Sale / Re: 1959 Fleetwood on EBay
« Last post by Jeepers Creepers on Today at 01:42:43 AM »
The same seller has a 64 as well..... another money pit also.
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