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"500, not 501."

The cause of much argument and confusion --- the stock engine in his '73 IS a 501 series engine --- of 472 cubic inches.  The 501 series 500 cubic inch engine could be found in the Eldos and later in the rear wheel drive Cadillacs starting in 1975. 
General Discussion / Re: Trunk Liner Kit
« Last post by Whit on Today at 09:05:06 PM »

I am about 90% complete on restoring my 1960 Biarritz. Full frame off restoration. I'm down to a lot of details now.

The standard motor for a 73 would be a 427 cubic inch motor.
Greg Surfas

Your dyslexia is kicking in again.
Mario caimotto
General Discussion / Re: Engine Transport Cradle 1964 429
« Last post by 2manycars on Today at 08:23:40 PM »
Built this for shipping my 346 for overhaul.  Boxed up and enclosed the entire thing with 1/2 plywood sheeting screwed together and to the pallet.  Cost about $50.00 to build.  The overhaul shop will send it back in the same container.

I shipped via UNISHIPPERS a commercial carrier from Missouri to Ohio.   Then entire thing weighed 1052 lbs.  It was delivered in 2 days. Insured it for $10,000.00  Shipping plus insurance was $431.00.

I will bring it home myself however.  Too valuable to trust to anyone else after "many$$" overhaul.

That looks pretty good. I especially like how you were able to easily enclose it to ship. We have plenty of those pallets at work. I also work with a couple of professional pipeline welders, so building that should be simple. Food for thought! Thank you for the ideas!!
The standard motor for a 73 would be a 427 cubic inch motor.  You can if you like, spend a few extra bucks for a little more power. This is the 511 inch motor in my 73.  If you want this you had better stop worrying about the cost. LOL.
Greg Surfas
General Discussion / Re: What tools do you carry?
« Last post by Jeff Rose CLC #28373 on Today at 08:08:05 PM »
Same here.
I took my car in for tires after I got it. The kid swapped the front and rear wheels and the car wouldn't move off the lift.
500, not 501.
The trick I "try" to use is to pick 1 project at a time. Get it dependable and then work on the spit and polish.
Also, when you pick a project, study it in detail because while you have something torn apart you may be able to get to something else.
And as suggested above, be sure you have a manual.
Good luck-and post some pictures!
Today I received the latest issue of Collectible Automobile magazine. It has a 4-page photo feature on a triple black 1960 Eldorado Seville. The owner is Bill Shipp and the article reports that he won first place for a driven car at the Cadillac and LaSalle Club Grand National in 2010 in Kansas. The car is still on air. Very nice car and nice publicity for the CLC.

John Emerson
General Discussion / Re: Engine Transport Cradle 1964 429
« Last post by 35-709 on Today at 05:55:51 PM »
MTS ships their overhauled engines upside down on a pallet with the valve covers resting on thick foam pads.  Simple, very stable, drive it around in your pickup with no fear of it overturning.  As has been mentioned, you can put casters at the corners on the bottom of the pallet to help move it around. 
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