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Re: K.Pool's 59 coupe deVille
« Reply #20 on: January 11, 2018, 12:23:25 AM »
I think Iím going to fix the dash myself for now. In my 85 4runner I took and sanded the cracks down even with the surface and used fiberglass resin to fill them in then sanddd it smooth and painted it. Itís noticeable because it the smooth line on the dash but looks better then the giant crack.

As for springs it sags pretty good my father and law and Dad got in on the passenger side and the car leans over. Whatís your guys thought on air bags? I was talking with ride tech about their bolt in self leveling kit. Not cheap but would be worth doing right.

Just ordered myself a new da polisher today should be here Friday. Cant wait!! My harbor freight one is giving  up plus Iím tired of it. Ordered a torq 10fx from chemical guys plus a lot of other goodies to help get this caddy looking even better.

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Re: K.Pool's 59 coupe deVille
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Kevin I had great success revitalizing the paint on my 58 last year with Macguires Diamond 2.0 and some very minor wet sanding. That and your polisher will do wonders. Another member had a post about his 58 with better details if you do a search here. Best of luck with Grampsícar thatís great to keep it in the family. I will be following your progress as I just got a 60. Cheers!
Chris in PA
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Re: K.Pool's 59 coupe deVille
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just got my quote from just dashes....
Here is an approximate cost of your restoration:
$2,000 | 1 Piece Dash
(Add $400 for the 2 Sides-RECOMMEND)
$100-$200 Color Match Fee
*No extra charge for black
+ Shipping

 :'( think I'm going to wait for now.
ill just sand the crack flat for now and fill it with some resin.
just got my new DA polisher yesterday so ill be working on polishing it for now.
drove it to the store yesterday and noticed a clicking in the front driver side wheel. thinking its to drum brake adjuster not sure gotta take that apart next

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Re: K.Pool's 59 coupe deVille
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A couple points.
Get rid of the rubber hoses for the fuel in the engine compartment - and really all the way back If there are any more splices, (rubber to steel) to just before the gas tank, neoprene is good.
Just Dashes - NOT NOT NOT cheap.  Use your money to get the beast mechanically safe and sound and leave the dash alone for a while and get the cap - cheap fix - paint it - at this point it's a driver after all.
Have fun,
Steve B.

He is not playing,  those old rubber hose just melt with this new gas.  I learned having a fuel line spray gas all over the upper engine.  thank goodness no fire.  Go on a hunt for rubber that touches fuel and replace is sage advice by Steve