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Help naming and getting parts.
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:06:03 AM »

I am currently undergoing a restoration of my 74 Convertible Eldorado, but I do now need help naming a few plastic parts and where to find new ones.

So the parts that I am talking about are the plastic ones that guides the Driver and Passenger windows up and down when it's being used.

It seems to be 5 parts, 1 upper guiding, 1 lower guiding and 1 sort of cleaning ring between them. Then it is also the oval (looks like a nascar racetrack) plastic rim that goes up and around a sort of pointy guide-pin so the window is more or less locked in place when it is fully heightened. Then we have the washer for the arm that lifts the window, I can't seem to find any of thees parts on all the sites that I have searched, I do have all the parts for my rear 1/4 windows, but not my front-side windows :(

So does anyone know the name for these parts and where I can find new ones (or mint condition second-hand :P ) ?
Need help ASAP.

Eldorado -74

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Re: Help naming and getting parts.
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Eldorado -74

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