Author Topic: 1939 LaSalle: Complete Paperwork for actual purchase of car (13 pieces) $25.00  (Read 68 times)

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In doing some rummaging around in my closet this afternoon, I found the paperwork for a complete transaction of buying a 1939 Series 50  LaSalle sedan from Highland Motors in Portland, OR. There are thirteen pieces of paperwork (More if you count the carbons on the GMAC contract.) (Dec 8, 1938).

The paper is in excellent shape with one item having a fold over at the bottom RH side and a short tear on the bottom of the LH side (both on the same sheet) of the retail order blank.

If you have such a car, this would be a really unique set of paperwork to have. Like, who is going to save the details of purchasing a new car seventy nine years ago?

I will send this post paid anywhere in the continental USA for $25.00. (If you live in Portland, OR, and have such a car, I will reduce the price by $10 just for getting the paperwork "back home." ) Sorry, old girl friends or maiden aunts that live in Portland, or if you once drove through there won't count for the discount.

He must have just purchased a nice set of tires for his trade as he insisted on swapping the tires from his old car to the new one.
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