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Guys, I just found my small folder from the 1937 St. Louis Auto Show. (Nov 21, 1937 was penciled in on the front.)  Oliver Cadillac had made a deal with Chicago & Southern Airways to fly customers to Detroit to pick up their car at the factory and drive it home. They would even throw in a bit of cash for expenses on the way home.  (And you thought those Visa cards from Dish were something new...) The plane was like Amelia's, a Lockeed Electra.

I will send this to anyone interested for $10 post paid. It appeared in the S/S when Edith Child was editor, so it's been a while. It's folded over once (Making four pages) in post card size. B&W and reddish orange print on white slick paper. I haven't copied part of it as that would be giving some of it away. But I guarantee you'll be pleased. This was at a time when very, very few people had flown at all. (Even rich people.) So their hype about this being a thrill of a lifetime wasn't too far fetched. Neat item.
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