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General Discussion / Re: Hemmings follow through?
« Last post by Steve Passmore on Today at 02:26:45 AM »
Not certain I agree with that analysis: Low interest rates tend to disincentivize saving while encouraging spending and also stimulating investment in alternative appreciable assets, ie collectibles.  As with most other areas of collectibles, the rarest and/or most desirable will always be in high demand and have the greatest appreciation potential. 

I agree, Eric. Many here with a matured pension can no longer look at having an income for the rest of their lives on the near-zero interest rates, so they are withdrawing their funds and investing in property. Those without enough for a property are looking to other investments. Cars are perfect because they can get the enjoyment for years and still get their money back, or more.  Classics are booming here.
For Sale / Re: 1960 Cadillac Convertible Black Red Combo
« Last post by King Daddy Caddy on Today at 01:22:10 AM »
Thank you buddy. I just added it.

Just curious, since you live in WA, were these Olson's gaskets that failed?

The Johnny

Oh and another subject I just got a 1938, original, Hickley Myers, steering wheel puller for 10 bucks. Not sure how it works but a cool tool...
Bob posted two issues that probably are separate. The poor performance he perceives AND the fact that he has to press the accelerator pedal nearly all the way to find passing gear.  Issue of the kick down as I stated earlier can possibly be a miss adjusted kick down switch.  He said the carburetor was rebuilt and when that happens the switch is normally removed and then reinstalled. IF it is not adjusted correctly or if it is damaged when reinstalled the symptoms he is reporting can result.
Greg Surfas
Restoration Corner / Re: Body # 1 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
« Last post by Bill Young on Yesterday at 09:37:25 PM »
Looks like I will be will be there too.
For Sale / Re: Parting out complete 1975 sedan deville
« Last post by Racer81x on Yesterday at 09:37:13 PM »
It is kind of a brownish tan/ goldish color. interior is brown/chocolate brown
I have had this failure twice in the 20,000 miles now on a 40-60S.  Both the intake manifold and the block have been faced.  The first one failed at 11,500 miles. It was a black composite type gasket.  Thinking this was due to not been a copper gasket I switched to copper type.  It failed at 14,300 mile point.  Not even 3000 miles.  Picture attached of this failure.  The material between the copper sheets disintegrated.

I gave up on new gaskets and found an old NOS copper/asbestos gasket.  It is still going strong at the 20,000 mile point but has not yet gone as far as the first one.  My theory is these cars just do not get driven enough so many repo parts do not get tested and therefore no feedback to the manufacturer.  I also had a repo smooth fan belt fail at about 6000 miles. 
General Discussion / 1949 cad hood springs
« Last post by piperman on Yesterday at 09:02:13 PM »
Anyone have a safe way to hook up the hood springs on a 1949 series 75 cad

Whit Otis borrowed my leak down tester and did a lot of testing. He sent you an e-mail, did that help?

the Johnny
I recently received a call, from a fellow CLC member, Steve Rinaldo of Georgia. He was on the Glidden tour and had been chatting with Sandy Olson of Olson Gaskets out of Washington.

Steve, a few years ago, had a problem with his manifold gasket on his 37 Cadillac and expressed his concern to Sandy about the issue. He was wondering if it would be ok if Sandy Olson gave me a call. I said it would not be a problem.

The problem was the cross over part of the gasket (which goes under the carburetor to heat the gas in cold weather) did not last long before it failed. I have attached a picture of the gasket in question.

Sandy asked if I could poll our members on this issue to see if anyone else might have had this failure. His concern is that if this is a failure point on the gasket he needs to know about it so he can find the cause and fix it.

On a side note; I have used Olson gaskets on all my cars but I use the ones with the cross over under the carburetor blocked off. So far, I have never had a problem.

So if you have this type of problem please respond and I can let Sandy Olson know or have him look at the message board since he is a member of the CLC.

I will also do a write up of this issue in my column sometime in2018.
Thanks in advance for your help.

John Washburn
Elizabeth, Colorado

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