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General Discussion / Re: Shipping parts US -> Australia
« Last post by wbdeford on Today at 05:30:52 PM »
Turns out, those large flat rate boxes rated for 70 lbs are only allowed 20 lbs internationally.  So, we got creative with the ebay Global Shipping Program with which domestic rules apply and with which I could use a larger box and up to 70 lbs.  Still very expensive, but cheaper than regular post office, UPS, or FedEx, even considering the extra fees ebay and Paypal got.
For Sale / Re: FS: 1947 Transmission
« Last post by wbdeford on Today at 05:24:43 PM »
Had it running for a couple short time and ready to run it up to temperature and know it will take a second torque but is that hot or after it cools down.  I torqued to 70 pounds according to the manual but held it at 65 for bolts that were threaded into inserts. Also had leakage problems and an old sage told  me to use Stop Leak in the water. Had leaks first time around so very concerned this time.
Want To Buy / Re: I Need a 1953 - 1954 Hydro electric control valve
« Last post by D.Yaros on Today at 04:52:39 PM »
As they are still in business, one may want to try looking/asking there?
Want To Buy / 37 LaSalle interior door handle
« Last post by CadDad on Today at 04:46:49 PM »
 Hello. I bought a 37 LaSalle coupe and looking it over found I am in need of an interior door handle. The one that came with the car was broken where the clip snaps in. I have the handle but not the piece that broke off. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1957 mystry gizmo
« Last post by gary griffin on Today at 04:38:09 PM »
 Thank you Gene and Dan. I have been completely baffled as to why my brakes seem to have no power assist.  The tubes are cut off near the gizmo but I have not looked for leaks in the manifold area.  I just need to know if I should hook it back up or remove it and seal the manifold .  Guess I will find some good advice here or flip a coin.

  This forum has amazing bunch of guys and my thanks to all of them that have given me good advice through the years.
  A little detailing and upholstery work and the 57 will be ready for summer.  Put new shocks on the LaSalle as it was bouncing all over the place.  1942 needs a finish up on the upholstery and I will be ready for a break in the spring.
How do you test the coils Dan?  Is a 53 clock the same as a 54 clock?  If it is and you want to sell it before going to ebay, please let me know.  Also Dan, I have two hot leads going to my clock.  Is this correct?  Thanks, Jim
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Correct Body Manual for 1960 ?
« Last post by 76eldo on Today at 04:36:17 PM »
I need to do the same thing on a 60 Seville.
I'm worried about the drip rail moldings and moldings around the front and back windscreens.
I didn't specify which one to use, so they put the ones with the zerk on.  This will only ever be my car, so I expect I will remember to grease them once a blue moon.
A lot of it depends on the modification involved.

When I got my '72 Eldo here, to get it correctly registered, I had to fit Lap/Sash Seat Belts to the outer seating positions, which is why I was asking for a set of factory Seat Belts many years ago, but nothing came forward.

I retro-fitted Retractable Lap/Sash belts to the front and rear, which involved a huge amount of modification to fit the Retractors out of sight, and to properly work, but none of these modifications can be seen.   just the belts.   It is a pity that Cadillac didn't see fit to do it properly, as what I ended up with was worthy of a Cadillac, even though they were Ford parts.

Bruce. >:D
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