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Author Topic: How About a Yelp or Angie's List Type Rating System for Vendors/Shops/Etc.?  (Read 1458 times)

Offline Evan Wojtkiewicz

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  • Name: E. Wojtkiewicz
Okay, I for one am sick of getting ripped off, mistreated, and taken advantage of by some of the various shops I've taken my car to. I've heard the other horror stories and I think we should do something about it. I suggest a directory with a simple rating system for any business pertaining to the repair or restoration of antique cars.

Some of you may be thinking that it's just a risk we take with this hobby and that learning to do everything yourself is also just a part of the hobby. Why do we do this to ourselves? I like working on my car, but I also have a full-time job and limited experience/tools. Like most people, I don't have a lift and I'm terrified of getting under my car with nothing but two jack stands keeping it from crushing me like a bug.

Maybe some might not want to share the name of your mechanic. I wouldn't know why anybody would keep that a secret, it's not like you can hoard a business all to yourself. Talented shops deserve all the business they can handle, and CLC members deserve not to get taken by the bad ones.

How would this work? Somebody creates a listing for a business with basic information (where they are/what they do). Then, other people add posts describing their experience and talking about what they had done. These posts can either give a thumbs up (+1) or a thumbs down (-1) based on whether they'd go there again. Keep it simple: nothing more, nothing less. Add the number of plusses and subtract the minuses and that's the overall credibility score. Naturally, to avoid any sort of foul play, everybody posting a rating for a business would have to be a verified CLC member.

The goal here is not just to punish the bad guys, but to make sure the good ones get recognized.
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Offline David Greenburg

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  • Name: David Greenburg
I think most, if not all, of us have had a number of less than satisfactory experience with shops and/or vendors in the old car world. I am an avid user of resources like Angie's List,, and similar resources in other aspects of my life. But the CLC has a policy against negative remarks about vendors on the board; communications of that nature need to be by private message or email.  Otherwise the moderators will remove the comments.  You might find more information elsewhere, including on the Modified chapter's board, or by googling a vendor, and seeing whether they have been discussed elsewhere.  I for one will respond whenever I have useful information in response to an inquiry about a vendor or service provider.
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Offline russ austin

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  • Name: Russ Austin
I don't see the need in here, for being politically correct with the business's we deal with. If they are good, pass it along.  If not, even more reason to pass it along.

Offline Cadillac Nut

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  • Name: Garrett C. Baker
I am replying late to this but I wanted to second this idea.  I think it's a very good one.  On every other car discussion board I am a member of, members are free to discuss good and bad experiences with vendors or shops. 

Offline john henderson

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  • Name: john henderson
I got absolutely ripped off by a Cadillac vintage parts dealer.Going to other sources,I found he was trying to buy parts from them,the parts he told me he had already shipped to me.I only got some small items from him that were junk,and large items never showed up.My money posted to his account immediately upon ordering,never to be seen again.Most car guys are good guys,and one of the reasons I joined CLC was to find a way to keep this vendor from ripping off more good guys! I think a ratings system is in order,we don't necessarily have to rip on people with our horror stories,but to protect each other there needs to be a way to voice our displeasure and concern.I'm a new member,and I already like the feel of this club,and  I agree  100%! P.S. Other vendors were awesome!
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Offline taintedsaint

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  • Name: Joe Slater
I can't support this idea enough!!!! Even a forum section for listing part,repair sources that several members have used with good results. After a current/ongoing issue with a carb rebuilder i would have loved to tap someone's brain about them before I shipped.
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Offline russ austin

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I have been informed by several people that CaddyDaddy does not refund the core charge, even after proof of delivery.

If you must use CaddyDaddy,  have a signature required upon delivery, and use a credit card. Using a credit card gives you protection against fraud.

Offline Walter Youshock

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This idea is as old as the hills.  Somebody--preferably totally objective-- would need to constantly babysit and check on every complaint.  Who wants the honor?

Too late to get a proposal together for this board meeting but the winter one is in January.  Get a team together on how to proceed and who will chair the committee and play Santa Claus--who's naughty and who's nice.

I do not mean to be flippant but this has been a simmering issue for 25 years since I joined the club.  Nobody wants the responsibility of doing this. 
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Offline russ austin

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I'm looking for a ratings list, not arbitration.


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