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General Discussion / Re: 1937 -39 Distributor interchangeability
« Last post by Carl Fielding on Today at 12:15:32 AM »
But yes , they will drop right in. Run very well. Easy way out. The biodegradable originals are superbly rebuilt with durable everything, by Classic & Exotic services in Troy , MI. They also do a great job on the carbs. Reasonable prices (I know that is a relative term , cheap over the long haul) , and astonishingly fast turnaround time . You can get a carb back in a couple weeks , the excellent shop who did my '24 carb many years ago , now has a 6 month waiting list. But Mark is also top notch. If contacting C&E , ask for Bruce , a CLC member. Hope you are running soon !    - Carl
Just moved AC compressor and power steering pump out of the way, I didn't remove fully either yet, as I didn't want to deal with fluid and it was getting too late to run my AC vacuum. 

   I started cleaning a little here and there.  While the car looks rough.  The major issues aren't that expensive.

  Complete engine rebuild kit - $1,200
  All windows - $899
   Full stamped floor pan - $1100
  Carpet - $400
  Headliner - $300
   I'm right now most worried about the rusted quarters.  Everything else, I feel I can get going.  Through this website I found someone to fix the steering wheel, I got leads on missing chrome.    I plan to start around the before mentioned parts.  Then I will work on fixing engine accessories and such.  Locating missing parts, and sourcing body and chrome repair. 

      First I need to get the engine out and apart and then get it tented so I can abrasive blast it.  (soda, aluminum oxide and walnut shells depending on surface)
General Discussion / 1960 Cadillac Carburator and Paint
« Last post by goodtoothdoc on Yesterday at 10:47:38 PM »
I am registered for the Grand National.  In order to make it there, I need a rebuilt carburator for my Series 62 Coupe.  Perhaps someone to rebuild my carb or a correct replacement that's already done?  Also need the paint formulation for the correct grey wheel paint.  Thank you.
The floor upset me, the front was solid.  i couldn't open back doors.  I can weld, do engine work and light body work.  I just got a large dent mostly out with heat and a little hammering.
  I am confident I can get the engine going and fix the floors, past that will all be a learning experience.

  Right now I have little into it.  I see these cars going for $15-20 in decent shape.  I figure I'll spend a little over 20 turning it into a driver.   I'm going to take my time, break it into a ton of smaller projects and start there.  I already made a list of my 25 most needed items and sourced them.
I'm looking for the Tin Plate and Insulator for my 54. Does anyone have them to sell?

Thank you.

Or, you can do it like we did as kids "back in the day", when we had no money and less sense.......just pack the runner with aluminum foil!
Well, at 12:08 this afternoon, we fired the 64 into life and did the first 10 minute stint of the camshaft break-in procedure. She fired on the first revolution and was on song really nice.

It will get a second 10 minute stint in the morning.

The bloody O-Ring on the crossover/water pump connection was leaking.... bugger it.

Anyway, that the Caddy done for today, as I have to go and put a gearbox in a lawn mower now.... oh, joy oh joy
General Discussion / Re: Route 66 76 Eldorado
« Last post by 7gen on Yesterday at 10:10:35 PM »
We saw at least four big motorcycle caravans doing Rte 66 and they were non-American! Apparently, Rte 66 is very popular in Europe and people there will come to Chicago, hook up with a motorcycle tour company and blast off down the road. I don't know the particulars of how they manage it - I had to take a test and get a specific endorsement on my license to be able to drive a motorcycle but perhaps there is some sort of reciprocity agreement. Two French, one German and one British group.

The other big group from out of country traveling Rte 66 are the Chinese. Don't know if they are Republic or People's Republic Chinese but in Moab Utah, we ran into one group as we came out of the motel and they were all clustered around my car. I thought something was wrong but it turned out they were just getting pictures. From the sign language gestures they used, they told me they'd never seen a car this huge! Nine people all needed to get their picture taken next to my car, then they had to do it all again with me and them in the picture. I guess they liked my Stetson.

We found nothing but very friendly people everywhere we went. It is called "fly-over country" but taking it slow, meeting people - that was what made the trip truly special for me. What a wonderful country we live in!!!

General Discussion / Re: Crooks are getting more creative...BEWARE!
« Last post by nolacaddy1960 on Yesterday at 10:03:07 PM »
I have an ad looking for a perfect two lock wire hubcap for my '78 Seville.
I received this unsolicited email:

Hello Buddy

I'm emailing in respect to your advert. Please let me know if you are still looking for  1978 Seville Wire Wheel Cover , Email and I'll get back to you.

Warm Regards
Martin A. Greathouse
1702 Chesterfield St,
Garden City, KS 67846

The same day, I received a text message from a friend who sells used Cadillac parts recommending that I contact Greathouse.
So, this morning, as I was about to send the money, I called John, who does not know this guy, and did not send me a text.
I don't know how he was able to hijack a number like this, but I'm glad I checked before sending the money.
Then I did a search here, and there's a guy of a different name but the same MO.

So...if you receive an unsolicited offer, and if they don't take the common means of payment....I would give it the old "hairy eyeball"...

If the Syntax is off, or if they use the complete add title in the email it was likely a bot.

  Note the extra spacing in the email's sentence about the item you have.  It's spaced abnormally, this is because this is a generated email.   
I , ah , you , ummmm , do ? I'm (I am trying to figure out how to put this) , collecting my thoughts here. Always like to help , as everyone on here does. But , well I guess I have a few important questions. Part of where I am going here is : Marcos Pisanis has a fair amount of parts for a '60 for sale. So let me draw a deep breath and ................. O.K. Here I go. I would like to get a mental picture of you , JZ. I assume money is no object , right ? I also assume you are a highly experienced mechanic , and a world class body and paint man , right ? Probably have a shop which is not accepting much work these days , as you are winding down a very lucrative business in anticipation of retiring slowly over the next 5 years , to fully retire at 50. Right ? I mean you ARE going into this with a huge amount of money and experience , aren't you ? Eyes wide open ?

The reason I am asking all this , is that I am a huge fan of 4 door sedans. Not a lot of old car guys are. Second only to my admiration for doctors who I worship for having saved my life many times , over a period of 70 years since I was 2 , second only to doctors , I admire guys who save somewhat tatty , somewhat scarce , 4 door sedans. Extra gold stars for rust buckets. Cadillacs at the very top of the list. I crave 4 door cars. Now I'm down to 4 4 door Cads , (though one of those is not a sedan , it's a 1924 7 passenger touring - a side curtained convertible with jump seats - pretty nice shape , too) , plus two 4 door parts Cads. Sold my '96 F'wood Bro' six door "visitor" a couple years ago (the '90 1/2 Allante went at the same time) , and just now sold my 2002 STS.  Downsizing, you know. Sure , I do have, what ? I think I only have 3 2 door Cads left, but maybe the 2 convertibles could be called 3 doors. My brand X (kinda rhymes with deep knee bends , or maybe Mr. Cheesy Lens. Anyway the initials are M-B) , yeah I have more Cadillacs , but I do have 3 of those brand X which have 4 doors , that is if you count the station wagon which you might take for a 5 door. Couple two doors. Drop tops. One has half again as many cylinders as my Cadillacs do. Do the math. Even disregarding the parts cars , I'm still heavier in Cad' than 'Benz. A very good old friend of mine who knows my rep. as "Cadillac Carl" , muttered a trial balloon at a party a while ago. I heard it. "Bubba 'Benz" , almost whispered. Please don't call me "Bubba" , yet. "Math" Dave is a very close old friend , we joke around ad nauseum. "Cadillac Carl" was hung on me 45 years ago by another great friend when the just acquired '57 Eldo drop top took over from the '49 fastback as the daily driver.

Here : I ran on too much again. It is just that I think you will take over as my greatest CLC (arm twister that I am : are you a member yet ? You WILL need the directory to hasten success in your brave venture) , hero if you can pull this "Kitty" out of the 'box. I would love to hook you and Marcos up. I spoke at length (yep , I talk as I write) , with him re: parts and things just yesterday. But I do really need to get a sense of your abilities and , please excuse the inference , the assets you have ratholed for the coming years. Hmmmmm............ Rathole........Rathole.........Rathole..........  I've GOT it ! You're just making a driving Rat out of it ! Right ? Please let me know what level you plan on lifting this sleepin' beauty to. And I will help you as much as I can. You can bet your ears the rest of your kind brother and sister fellow members will take you under their wings. You certainly do seem like an extremely energetic, enthusiastic guy , and your tale and pics so far speak volumes. Do you have a nickname ? I have a feeling you will earn one here on forum ! Respectful bow , gotta run , I'll wrap this up with a more focused response once I know you better ! The warmest hearty welcome to you !   - CC
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