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Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1955 front spring removal
« Last post by The Tassie Devil(le) on Today at 07:30:55 PM »
Don't think so, as there would be no way to get it in and remove the spring as the upper socket is in the way, and the lower A Arm is also in the way.

Bruce. >:D
 Years ago I bought a high mileage 440 equipped 68 New Yorker that never ran right, fouled its plugs, puffed heavily on starts, until I replaced the valve stem seals which can always be done on any 90 degree cast iron pushrod V8 I know of, pressurize the spark hole to keep the valve up and replace the seals. A 1st gen Caddy OHV motor is no different. It was the best single repair I made on that Chrysler on which I've put over 25,000 miles since.

General Discussion / Re: 1940 LaSalle transmission
« Last post by Jay Friedman on Today at 06:36:57 PM »
If adjustment of the rods is needed, John Washburn has the factory clamp needed to do the job.  Ask him if he'd lend it to you.

I have always done it by removing the outer pin.  Until you mentioned it, I never thought of the safety issue if the inner pin was removed, but you are absolutely right and I agree with you.
General Discussion / Re: 1940 LaSalle transmission
« Last post by HerbP on Today at 06:27:29 PM »
Will do, thanks again!
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 73 eldorado question
« Last post by Mike Josephic CLC #3877 on Today at 05:38:50 PM »
Yes, the '73 needs greased like any other car of the era.

There are zerk fittings on the front upper / lower ball joints,
steering linkage, etc.  Haven't done it for awhile so I don't
remember all of them.

I don't drive my '73 much but when I change oil, those fittings get

General Discussion / Re: Curious 77 Eldo youtube video
« Last post by Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621 on Today at 05:27:02 PM »
You'd be surprised at how poorly equipped a Seville could have been in the 1970s. I can't comment on which model would've rang in higher when maximally equipped but either would be far less than a Fleetwood Formal Limousine with all the boxes checked.

General Discussion / Curious 77 Eldo youtube video
« Last post by TJ Hopland on Today at 04:42:26 PM »
Just stumbled across this video.   Not sure what to think of it.  It seems overall he liked it but he sure got a lot of details wrong.   For a guy that is apparently been doing car videos for several years I'm amazed at how many things he had completely wrong.   I know this car was before his time but research anyone?   He obviously has a computer.  Many of the things he seems to attribute to that model were pretty old news by 77 and several things he mentions were common to most American cars of the era.

The first thing I think he got wrong is in the title.   Wasn't the base Seville price a couple thousand more?   No sunroof or astro roof so I don't think just a Biarritz package gets you there.     If you went for EFI and an astro roof it does look like you could get higher than a Seville since there were not a ton of options for the Seville. 

He also mentions it was a rental car,  looked it up and that rents for $100 per day and is a 'level 1' car.    Their 'level 2' offerings include a 66 Corvair that goes for $150 per day.    Level 4 has a 67 Deville convert for $250 per day.    level 6 has a Ferrari F430 Spider with no price, just says 'member exclusive'.     Seems like reasonable prices if I had the time I may be tempted to try out a few since they are local to me.   Never hard of the service before I found the video.    Like most big cities Morrie's owns several brands and levels of dealerships including what used to be Andersen Cadillac.   
Technical / Authenticity / Re: How to get rid of mouse urine smell?
« Last post by cadman56 on Today at 04:39:51 PM »
There may also be a nest inside the heater and evaporator case.  Good luck.
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