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General Discussion / Re: 911 41 Water Pump failure - stuck in Williams
« Last post by camelot on Today at 04:32:52 PM »
might want to look into loctite 680.  Its a retaining compound for gears and bearings.
It should hold it in the out position.
General Discussion / Re: Barrett Jackson Las Vegas
« Last post by Jeepers Creepers on Today at 03:53:32 PM »
Is the auctioneer on drugs?

I know they have a lot to put through, but he uses that dribble that no-one can understand.... at least I can't.... maybe its me.  :-\
Thanks to all.  Got the new pump installed Wednesday and we are back on the road and now in Sedona.

What I did notice, is the new pump has the brass impeller is pinned to the shaft using roll pin and locked in place.  I have no idea who Ed is using to upgrade the pumps as this is first class.   Sealed bearing, never lube and on.

Peace of mind. Car ran flawless from Williams to here, never above 150.

General Discussion / Re: Barrett Jackson Las Vegas
« Last post by Big Apple Caddy on Today at 03:47:35 PM »
This car last sold at a RM auction in Arizona in early 2010 for $29,700 w/ buyer premium.  Adjusting for inflation puts the 2010 figure at around $34,000 today.
General Discussion / Re: Barrett Jackson Las Vegas
« Last post by Jeepers Creepers on Today at 03:21:56 PM »
Ha, 1964 Fleetwood.... be worth every cent.  ;)
General Discussion / Re: Barrett Jackson Las Vegas
« Last post by Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621 on Today at 03:08:20 PM »
Holy moley.  :o :o :o  Offered without reserve no less. Seller is sure to be celebrating tonight- after tipping the auctioneer $500.

BTW- total is $35,750 with buyer's fee - must be a record.

General Discussion / Barrett Jackson Las Vegas
« Last post by STS05lg on Today at 02:49:44 PM »
FYI, a 1964 Sea Foam Green with white top Fleetwood just went across the action block at approximately 3:35 EST with a selling bid of $32,500. When they shot under the hood there were several AACA badges attached to the radiator housing. Went to fast to see what they were. Had a wonderful cloth and leather interior also in a light green.
No, the one I saw in NV was all done and well maintained. The first NOCAL GN meet (too lazy to pull out the Directory to check the "name.") had a cream colored '41 convertible coupe show up late on Saturday afternoon with a 1947 grill. Strange things happen in California.
General Discussion / Re: 1995 Cadillac SDV
« Last post by Barry M Wheeler #2189 on Today at 02:46:24 PM »
Ad stated that the white seats were custom ordered. Asking price is $2900 and hope to get it for $2400-$2500. I'll ask if the sensor was replaced when the fuel pump was installed. It's hard to see on a white car but I think there is a mushed spot on the RH rear quarter as well as a dimple nearby. Since it has a front plate holder installed, it may be a Southern car. Indiana has only one plate and when I was selling these, we never drilled the front bumper and left the holder in the trunk.

I'd just as soon not have the roof as it will sit out. '79 and the '81 get snuggled up in the garage. (If I can move the Seville over to one side with scoot pads that I've never used, I might be able to get all three in the garage.)

Hey, I was out on the sun porch a while ago and found the cleaning girl had not hooked up the box fan after using the receptacle to sweep Wednesday and I didn't have to have help getting up after hooking  the fan back up. d'Elderly indeed.
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