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For Sale / Re: 1959 Fleetwood on EBay
« Last post by Jeff Rose CLC #28373 on Yesterday at 02:40:42 PM »
Tha ad says sat for a year and then started...and it doesn't smoke----- the only way that could be if there is no oil in it.
General Discussion / Re: Car being used in a photoshoot-any experience?
« Last post by jagbuxx #12944 on Yesterday at 01:24:12 PM »
I've had numerous requests, offers and business cards left wanting to use one of my cars for a commercial or album cover etc, never felt the desire or need to do it.
No one will be as careful with your car as you.....
General Discussion / Re: 1960 front parking lights
« Last post by 59-in-pieces on Yesterday at 01:24:01 PM »
Without fog lights, when the switch is pulled out to the first detente, the parking lights - all 4, inner & outer - should come on.
I assume nothing comes on in front unless the turn signals are used, at which time only the outer lights light up, flash.
As I recall - at least with a 59 switch, the last tab of the switch is where the harness connects to the parking lights.
Pull the lenses and bulbs in all 4 lights - check for continuity in each socket - with and without the switch pulled to the first position.
Lack of power flow may indicate a problem with the harnesses or the switch itself.
If the interior lights do not dim or brighten, there is a problem with the rheostat at the front of the switch.
Check for a broken wire to the contact that moves around the circular tabs of the rheostat.
Have fun,
Steve B.
General Discussion / Re: Hemmings follow through?
« Last post by Fred Pennington 25635 on Yesterday at 01:21:30 PM »
Gary, you are experiencing exactly what I did.
If the listing has the VIN number, GOOGLE it. Every listing on the internet will come up.
That is how I found the car I bought in July, ( Sorry not a Cadillac )
I would probably turn it down.
Your insurance company won't pay for damages when used commercially and yes this will be a commercial venture, someone is making money on it.
Insurance will not pay for a car that is coerced from you. If you give up the keys for any reason and they don't return with it, tough luck.

Just my 2 cents 
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Eliminating heat riser
« Last post by David Greenburg on Yesterday at 01:08:27 PM »
At one point I looked for a spacer, and must have missed that Fusick listing; when I looked at their site, I only saw spacers up through '54 or something like that.  Hopefully I'm now good. Car runs much better.
As Dan points out about the trunk, it was a single sheet.
The material itself was a crushed embossed patterned fiber composite.
Putting individual pieces in - unless you want to separate the trunk lid - is not that tough, using a similar type mastic.
What is a bit tougher is to line up the pattern in each hole to give the look of a single sheet.
Get a swatch from the supplier to match the pattern and color - as most will tell you, the color was not black as most all reproductions seem to be - that I am aware of.
Have fun,
Steve B.
 U Jamb lock pillar filler
1965-66 cadillac deville 2-door-hardtopU Jamb lock pillar filler
    U Jamb lock pillar filler
NOS Steele
Part Number:

Door lock pillar seal. This part seals the bottom of the rear side window, and may also be known as a door jamb seal. Fully molded authentic rubber construction with metal core. Replaces factory #44788001.

$40.00 plus the shipping

Greg Surfas

General Discussion / Re: 1960 front parking lights
« Last post by David Greenburg on Yesterday at 12:46:28 PM »
If you have fog lights, there is a ring at the base of the headlight switch to control them.
General Discussion / Re: Monty Hall gives away Cadillacs
« Last post by Big Apple Caddy on Yesterday at 12:38:30 PM »
Symes Cadillac in Pasadena is another L.A. area dealership that was once part of the Don Lee organization but unlike Casa de Cadillac, Symes moved from its original location long ago.
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