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Author Topic: How about putting "Technical/Authenticity" as the first forum category?  (Read 1157 times)

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Threads that are along the lines of "How does the framistan work?"  "I think I' have a broken framistan"  "How do I fix the framistan?"  "What's a good shop to get the framistan fixed?"  "Is this a Cadillac framistan, and if so what year?"  and "Is this framistan authentic?" are technical/authenticity questions.  Why do so many of these sorts of threads go onto "General"?  Is it because "General" sort of means "any Cadillac subject that doesn't fit in For Sale or Wanted"?

If you put Technical/Authenticity as your first heading, you might get more of the technical /authenticity threads started on the right forum. 

"General" should not be chock full o' technical issues, IMHO.  Yes, we can still navigate the site even if you do not sort these threads better, but it might save the reader some time if you would. 
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Well IMHO,
I for one don't mind the discussion on the "new" quest for the framistan in the general forum as it gives me one place to go to peruse  all things Cadillac. Easy enough to skip over the ones of no interest to me.  Ultimately a moderator sorts them to the appropriate forum for easier searching later. I can go to the "unread posts since my last visit" and catchup on everything in one place. Not sure how you would define or limit a general discussions to certain topics.
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I generally check the "Show unread posts since last visit" link

Then it doesn't matter so much where things are posted. 

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Some people will want the For Sale Forum first, others the Wanted to Buy, and so on.

I think it will remain as it stands as most people are familiar with the sequence of Forums by now.

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I generally check the "Show unread posts since last visit" link

Then it doesn't matter so much where things are posted. 


I do too

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What is the old saying   "If it isn`t broke- don`t try to fix it"       Bill