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September 2016 North Texas Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club
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 :)  Itís September in Texas Ė School has started, so try not to run over any of those book bag-lugging tykes on their way to gain an education so that they can get a good job when they graduate and pay my Social Security.   ;)
In this monthís Standard Of The World newsletter:

Front page.  Times moving on.  Letís get your reservation into Jim Hanson for the Regional Meet at Southfork.  Itís going to be fun, a great car show, and good food, along with the opportunity to visit the home of Dallas TV and JRís home. 

Page2. Our super September meeting at Triple F automotive, including a free meal.  Please RSVP Rubye Musser as soon as you get this newsletter so we have a good head count.

Page 3 is an announcement of Leak Auctionís Dallas fall Show November 18, 19, and 20th.  Sevenoaks has had Ďem here before and they get better every time.

Page 4 is the Presidentís Message and also the Activities Directorís calendar of events.

Pages 5-6. One of my favorite subjects regarding the Arsenal Of Democracy.  This is from the Cadillac point of view.  I remember seeing Pattonís car at Ft. Knox when it was with a collection of junk that would later be called the Patton Museum. 

Pages 7-8. I covered our road tour to Weatherford, Texas where Terry Mann took us through his fabulous museum, the Vantage Grill and Car Museum.  We had a great lunch, and latter ventured out for some delicious ice cream.   

Page 9. Karen Phillips tells about the neat meat we had at the Vantage Grill.  Also Election Information.  We have openings Ė so get your nominations in, as we vote in October at Southfork.

Page 10 is our special invitation to Honest Johnís 11th Annual Fintastic Chili Cook Off and car show.  We had a great time last year and this year promises to really be better.  Lots of awards.  Last yearís winner is defending his championship.  Come hungry.

Pages 11-13 Mark Anderson sent me a great story about his beautiful í67 Cadillac convertible.  He sent some photos, and I had some also, snapping this car every time he brought it out.  Itís a winner.

Page 12 is the registration flyer for the NTXCLC Regional meet, held at J.R.ís house at the Southfork Ranch in Parker Texas.  It is where we will vote on the elections of officers and directors (see page 13).  We have invited car clubs all over the country to join us, so it should be a super meet. Please join us and please register by September 15th.

Page 14 is our Sunshine  Report, membership report, and classifieds.  Hey- we do sell cars from our classifieds, so send them in.  This newsletter get nationwide and world-wide coverage.

Page 15 More of our advertisers-Hagerty Classic Car Insurance; our popular North Texas Region logo club items; and Digital 3 Printing (they print our newsletter).  Also our officers and directors; and a Board Meeting Notice (October 16th @ 4p.m.)

Page 16 Our Calendar for your fridge.


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