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Author Topic: November 2016 North Texas Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club  (Read 364 times)

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November 2016 North Texas Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club
« on: October 29, 2016, 01:30:37 PM »
 :) November in Texas Ė The weather is still mild, so a cruise in the Caddy with the top don is enjoyable.  Or with the sun roof open and the sky above Ė just what makes owning a Cadillac special.
In this monthís Standard Of The World newsletter:

Front page and page 2.  We did our annual Regional Meet at the Southfork Ranch this year Ė J.R. was not at home, but still it was a perfect day and we had a super turnout.  Page 1 has two very special Cadillacs that were there, and page 2 are some images of that fine weather and great location.

Page 3 is an announcement of Leak Auctionís Dallas fall Show November 18, 19, and 20th.  There are 500 cars to be auctioned off and a few really nice Cadillacs in the mix.  Should be an exciting event.

Page 4 is the Presidentís Message and also the Activities Directorís calendar of events.

Page 5 is for the presentation of awards at our Regional Meet.  Honest John Foust presented the trophies, and was also a benefactor in providing some of the trophies.  Thank you John.

Page 6. Our special invitation to Honest Johnís 11th Annual Fintastic Chili Cook Off and car show.  We had a great time last year and this year promises to really be better.  Lots of awards.  Last yearís winner is defending his championship.  Come out to compete, or just come out hungry.  We are having a car show along with the chili, kites for the kids, a social gathering, and hot dogs to fill in while the chili cooks.  I am planning to compete with my famous secret Army Kernal Chili recipe.  We usually only serve this to the enemy Ė thatís how we won the war.

Pages 7, 8, and 9. Pictures of the cars at our Regional Meet.  Some very nice cars this year.

Pages 10, 11Ė you are half-way there.  Our president, Rubye Musser had a chance to attend the 2016 Fall Festival and CLC Board Meeting in Michigan.  She posted these notes and pictures to share this with yaíall.

Pages 12, 13 Our NTX member Richard Dormois has posted his impressions and notes about the 2016 CLC Board Meeting.  He also provided some fine pictures of the some of the Cadillac cars there.

Pages 14. I moved the Sunshine Report back to here, and included our membership report and some other boiler-plate text.  All good reference stuff.  Two new members, so the minion is happy again.

Page 15. More of our advertisers-Hagerty Classic Car Insurance; our popular North Texas Region logo club items; and Digital 3 Printing (they print our newsletter).  Also our officers and directors; and a Board Meeting Notice (December 17th @ 4p.m.)- please do not say you were not notified.
Page 16.  I speled the headiní kerectly.  Itís now Classifieds.  And we have two fine cars for sale this month offered by Dave Eckberg.  First, I know firsthand that Dave takes pride in his cars and these are not an end-of-life offer.  Both are cars a Cadillac & LaSalle lover would be proud to own and show. Second, I gave Dave a bit of extra space because he has spent many extra hours being the reviewer of the newsletter edits before we go to press.  So, if you think you might be in the market for some exceptional automobiles, give these two items a look.

Pages 17 and 18. WOW! This yearís Cadillac Christmas party is being held at the Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington, Texas. It should be a warm, very sociable, and fun event.  This yearís meal will be an Italian buffet, so the food should be warm, delicious, and plentiful.  Now, here is the real deal.  All NTXCLC members, their spouses or person of record who is listed as an associate of the member, and any PATE worker who is not a member, spouse, or associate eats at no charge (free).  Guests or friends are $25.00 each, and children under age 18, unless they are a Pate Swap Meet worker, are $10.00 each.  Please fill out the form on page 17, send it in to Cecil and Jo Thompson, denoting how many people and how much is enclosed, and add your check made out the NTXCLC, and there you go, all registered. The sooner, the better.  Although the deadline for registration is December 30th, you know if you are going, so donít delay.  There will be no walk inís accepted, but we donít wish to turn anyone away.  We need the headcount early so the meal can be prepared properly.  And, one more thing Ė dress is after 5, with at least a sport coat for the gentlemen.

Page 19.  Last item is the annual dues notice.  Look, itís only $20 dollars a year, you get to be with some swell people, do some neat things, and you even get a newsletter each month.  Cool, huh?  If you were a new member is 2016 or paid your dues ahead, you donít need to pay this year.  Otherwise, get your dues in before the end of December so you donít miss any newsletters.  NOTE: National CLC dues are billed directly to you from Columbus, so donít include it with your local dues.

Page 20 Our Calendar for your fridge.

From the Editor: If yaíall donít contribute your stories about your Cadillacs and LaSalles, keep in mind that I can do many pages a month on my í01 Eldorado.


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