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Revised (2010-Jul-16) Forum Rules - PLEASE READ
« on: April 28, 2007, 09:05:51 PM »
This Message Forum is to be used only to advance the purposes of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, which are to develop, publish and exchange information pertaining to Cadillacs and LaSalles, to encourage the maintenance, preservation and restoration of Cadillacs and LaSalles, and to promote social fellowship among Club members.

Rules for posting messages in the Message Forum:

  • All messages must be signed with your first and last name (EX: Henry Leland) or your first initial and last name (H. Leland). You may also specify a handle, but you must also supply your name as was just defined. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Non-commercial for sale or wanted ads are permitted, relating only to Cadillac or LaSalle cars, parts or literature (no commercial advertising of any kind is permitted; no ads for employment, trailers, or real properties are permitted).
  • It is highly recommended that all vehicle ads state an asking price and the location of the vehicle.
  • CLC members placing messages are asked to indicate name and CLC membership number, so other readers will know which writers are CLC members.
  • No disparaging remarks against other writers, Club members, vendors, or any other person are allowed.
  • No disparaging remarks about, or questioning of, judging results from Cadillac & LaSalle Club events are permitted.

If you find a message that does not appear to adhere to these rules, kindly bring it to the attention of the moderators:

The CLC reserves the right to delete or edit any message for any reason, and will delete all messages periodically based on length of time posted. Because of the public nature of internet access, the Cadillac & LaSalle Club cannot be responsible for the content of any message (whether or not from a CLC member), and the listing of any message in this Message Forum shall not be construed to indicate that the CLC endorses the content thereof.

Thank you for visiting our forum!

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