Author Topic: Has anyone experience a code 16 GEN code?  (Read 145 times)

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Has anyone experience a code 16 GEN code?
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:33:25 PM »
I ask because my "Service Now" light comes on when I accelerating and goes off when I'm am coming to a stop.  The factory  shop manual says it is a Generator fault and I should test the fuel pump fuse to ground to see what the voltage is. I took the car to two mechanic's (which both told me the alt and battery were good and in spec). I put the volt meter on the fuse, this morning and it was at 17.5. Book says anything over 15.5 or below 10.5, it is a Generator issue. I bought an NOS Alt this morning on Ebay and I hope that will fix the issue. When I was removing the positive battery cable the other day,  I accidentally hit something in the engine compartment and it sparked. Well, I'm thinking it fried the internal regulator or the bride or both. It's odd that it doesn't show up on the tests they performed. I'm sure that is what is has to be. Unless my fuel pump relay is defective and allowing to much electricity to the pump. The exact wording in the book for a code 16 is, "Generator voltage out of range". Has anyone ever found that even though mechanics and tests say your alt is good, it really isn't? I just replaced the relay thinking it was blown but it seems to be fine. I'm guessing regulator or bridge. URGH, it's so bracketed in, it hurts just thinking about changing it out.
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