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63 CDV
« on: June 13, 2017, 02:00:06 PM »

going to look at a 63 cdv possibly in next two days,,, one family owned,, supposedly all records,, 143k miles,, everything has been rebuilt once,, owner has all records, repairs, invoices,, and on and on,, i asked him about driving long distance,, he said he usually never went more tha 2 hours,, because he didnt have that many places to go,, but he did say his next step was the radiator,,it was never replaced,, that is needs to be topped off occasionally after driving,, a while,, never overheats, and the gauges and temps gauges are all functional,  Supposedly  so,

he said he would put in a double something,, that was so much better a cooling radiator,, i and no idea what he was talking about,, but the point is,, does a topping off seem like a minor leak in the radiator or symptom of something worse,,,,

and what else should i ask,, i went into my 73 a virgin, and have suffered some lack of knowledge before buying setbacks and while reading many before buying post here,,, anyting specific regarding this model/year, its a stock car,,

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Re: 63 CDV
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One of the things about the '63 is that it had a one-year-only 390 engine that is totally different to the '62 and earlier 390's.   It was the fore-runner to the 429.

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Re: 63 CDV
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2017, 01:59:22 AM »
The ORIGINAL almost 60 year old radiator ? I guess that speaks well for Cadillac reliability ! But , yeah That Cad could be very reliable and comfortable , particularly, as per our conversation, when you get the A.C. working. Yeah , if he has a good radiator guy , go ahead and get a new one. Lots of guys put new radiators in old cars which are being put back into service , just as a matter of routine preparation. New hoses while out , check the waterpump , new belts if they are not fairly new . With all that regular maintenance, you will be many thousands of dollars ahead of the game in any case. That stack of service records over such a long period of time means quite a bit.  '63 CDVs are great looking fin Cads as far as I am concerned. Seems like lots of people agree. Now , see if you can see where the radiator is leaking. How is the heater core ? Hoses ? Water pump ? Any steam in the exhaust ? Take the car for a long drive. An hour or so. Really get a feel for it. Are the tires good ? If so make sure the pressures are up , and see how steady it is at 90 mph or so. You are traveling a good distance to see it, Take your time.

 Oh , here is the cardinal rule for sharp car buying. Poker face it. The rule is : if you can't say anything bad about the car , say nothing at all. Just put your hand on the torn part of the seat. Touch the cracks in the steering wheel. Grab the pulley on the un-belted air conditioner compressor. Try to turn the stiff or frozen compressor. Pick at that rust spot where the A.C. Condensation soaked for so long. Ask a lot of questions. A one family owned 60 year old 143,000 mile Cad with service records is a rare find. If you love it after a long drive , make him an offer he can't refuse. If you don't love it , leave it. If it's all good , put the new radiator in (no sense second guessing the man who knows the car best) , change the rear end oil to 140 , engine oil to a 50/50 mix of 10W/30 and 20W/50 Amsoil Z-Rod , lube everything with SYNTHETIC grease , and take a slow leisurely drive home. But do have the owner show you how everything works on that beauty. Call me , I could be in fragile cell reception area of a few minutes off and on , so keep trying. Post pics for the guys to comment on. I hope it is the right one for you !   - Carl

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Re: 63 CDV
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2017, 06:26:22 PM »
One of the things about the '63 is that it had a one-year-only 390 engine that is totally different to the '62 and earlier 390's.   It was the fore-runner to the 429.

Bruce. >:D

Can you tell me the difference between a 62 engine and a 63.  I have a 62 with is what I think is a 63 engine without any serial numbers and no ground flat spot to stamp the number. I have a back up 62 engine that has the serial number stamped into it so I know where to look. Thanks Dave
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Re: 63 CDV
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Distributor is in front on 63.
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