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john m

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'75 Eldorado Convertible for sale
« on: November 23, 2008, 11:29:49 AM »
Hello guys and gals,
I stumbled on this forum and got an idea.  I'm laid off work and need some money.

Anyone interested in my 1975 Eldorado convertible?  I've had it for 23 years.  It has been kept inside most of its life.  I was storing it in my father's garage and recently he moved it outside and allowed rain to get through the hole in the convertible top and ruin the white leater seats.  About 10 years ago he accidentally dropped a 2X6 board through the top while renovating the garage apartment above the space it was stored in since 1985.  The convertible top was installed in about 1988 while the car was in storage.  A new top with a 2 foot wide split above the front seats.  I had big plans for it but they never happened.  About a year ago my father moved it outside and allowed the weather to get to the seats.  It will need reupholstered and probably new carpet.  My dad is kinda loosing it, and me too now that he did this.  I hate to see it going bad, so I'm gonna sell it.

The car has 59,000 original miles (bought from the original owner in 1984.)  The drive train is in excellent working condition, looks real good under the hood.  It will need a new exhaust system as the original is badly rusted.  Of course, the tires are shot from storage.  3 of the four bumper corners are shot from my dad climbing around the car over the years (and natural aging of these brittle parts.)  When I got the car I remeber some surface rust around the front marker lights. and around some body seams on the fenders (under the hood) and also under the trunk at the corner of the 1/4 panels.  All the rust is surface rust and will clean up with a shot from a sand blaster.  Overall the paint still looks glossy under the 23 years of dust.

Reupholster the interior.  Repaint or spot in the surface rust.  Put a new top on it.  Put a new exhaust system on it and some new tires.  Clean out the fuel system.  And then you will have a 59,000 mile original.

I'll take $3000 for the car because I dont want to see it deteriorate anymore.

P.S.  The car has been under a tarp since I discovered it was setting in the weather.

$3000 cash takes it.


john m

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Re: '75 Eldorado Convertible for sale
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2008, 11:36:28 AM »
My e-mail is

The car is in Huntington, West Virginia.


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