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Re: Buying a car without a title
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TJ Hopland: I haven`t heard about that , in IL. Most stolen cars are by chop shops in the South suburbs of Chgo, furnishing parts to order to some body shops. Rest go to S America. Police treat this as an insurance issue, & can`t be bothered. Corruption ??
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Re: Buying a car without a title
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     I just wanted to say, this non-title state business may not be the end of the road. No matter what state you live in there are others in your state who have the same problem. Start a movement for titling older cars. Talk it up in clubs. Call or mail your Director of Motor Vehicles and point out this previously untapped revenue source by of titling antique cars. Get a legislator on your side to introduce a bill requiring titling of old cars. That means the DMV will have to provide the service if you are successful.

     It may just be up to the Director and a new revenue source, and possibly a petition with a few hundred names, may work wonders.

     We didn't have them here in NH and now we do. Same in Mass. I like to think my several polite calls to the Director a few times a year pointing out the short comings of being a non-titled antique car state helped. No lender will make a loan on a non-titled car, certainly not if he is out of state, or the title is not in your name. People in titled states tend to look at people in non-titled states as second class, perhaps not trustworthy. The reasons go on. Get busy and change it.
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Re: Buying a car without a title
« Reply #42 on: March 15, 2011, 08:16:28 PM »

Your suggestions are well taken.  I will pass them along to my friend who, for years before retiring, was the License Commissioner for the county in which I live in Alabama (Mobile).  I will see what her thought on the possible success (or failure of my efforts might be!

I would think a lender of funds would be aware of different states's laws regarding titles and would keep an open mind if the car has a paper trail and a title remaining with it from the state where it resided prior to being purchased by the person in the non-title state.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the tag receipt is our legal document that "replaces" a title for vehicles manufactured prior to 1975.

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Re: Buying a car without a title
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So for overseas you then hire one of those title service places to go to a state like Alabama and get a title?

It would really seem stupid if my state makes me go through the whole inspection bonding waiting process but if I first went to a state that gives em away no problem.  I guess it is government so we should not try to apply logic.

You can export a vehicle with a registration card just as well as any title. US Customs checks up on the VIN if the car is stolen. All registration cards or titles are stamped by US Customs as legally exported. Strange thing is that US Customs records go back further than DMV/Police - there have been cases where vehicles reported stolen did not show with DMV on a VIN check - but did show with US Customs and was blocked at the port.
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Re: Buying a car without a title
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Tell you what, guys... just send ALL of your untitled Cads to me here in Michigan and I'll sort it out :-)
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Re: Buying a car without a title
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 VERY true. They are mostly concerned about stolen vehicles.

I'll take the ones on the west coast.

I can't believe the amount of ignorance & paranoia that the general public has on this title issue! And more than I expected on this board. I think the comment that all "barn find" cars without titles are stolen surprises me the most.
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Re: Buying a car without a title
« Reply #46 on: March 23, 2011, 01:03:04 AM »
arizona is a title state. one can go thru the process and get a 'bonded' title if needed. cost me about $100.00 total to title an old jeep cj3a.
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