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1939 Cadillac 7529 Series 4 Door Convertible "Limousine" w/Jump Seats - Only 36 made and few survivors! I've had this car for a little less than 10 years and it's time to thin the herd . . . the kids are pretty much grown and prefer riding in Ferrari's & Mercedes rather than Caddy's so it's time to say good bye. I bought the car from the second owner just north of Palm Beach who admired the car (and the person that owned it) from when they both lived in Pittsburgh, PA. In those days, the car was possibly black but had been repainted eggplant. When I got the car I decided that since it had already been painted, why not do it again but at least a pretty color! So I painted it the Royal Blue you see today (a Cadillac color of course) but don't ask me for numbers . . . this is one of 17 cars I presently own and one of many more I have previously owned. This car was restored in 2005 and entered into several shows and Concours usually resulting in some form of prize or public recognition. It was and continues to be a wonderful car to look at, be seen in and especially drive. It is NOT what you expect, as the turning radius is tight, the steering nimble and much lighter than other cars of the era . . . maybe that is due to the big steering wheel, but the end result is a remarkably easy car to drive. The brakes are surprisingly effective and I am always fond of remarking that they were better than my new Suburban of those days (2005-7). Unfortunately, I don't get out in it much these days and eventually just bring it to the mechanic to take care of things and keep up with it mechanically after I do drive it. The last time around I blew the manifold "wrap" . . . it now purrs almost silently. It needs absolutely nothing that I can tell and it started (with some foot pressure) pretty easily for the picture shoot you see below (which I took). The car got new carpets, top, paint etc back in 2005. When I first got the car, there was no rust and so I wanted to to keep it that way, so I personally Por15 the frame and under-body. Please look at the photos and see if there is anything you don't like and then ask me. All I did was take the duster to the paint and it came up shining. There were some pieces of chrome that was redone, there is some pitting in the two side engine chromed pot metal. Last year, 2010 the car was accepted for the Fairfield Concours d'Elegance. so it still looks great. There are a few things that need attention cosmetically and I have pictures of these: 1) the 3"+ pot metal belt molding between the front hood and doors broke were lost. 2) there are a few surface scratches on the rear passenger side fender, 3) the rear seat back is missing a piece of leather trim 4) Divider glass stopped going up and cracked (I did that) 5) both clocks and radio don't work (but have an aftermarket under the dash) 6) one of the top (of three) latches broke (I have the pieces) 7) Glue or wax dripped on the fenders and needs to be removed (tiny). Some of the unique aspects of this car is it's ability to carry up to 11 people (I've done it for parades!) and seat belts for 9! There is a 1950'/60's fanfare horn set up that can play more tunes then I could ever figure out. (It works too). Kids and adults loved it. The car is a big crowd-pleaser and irreplaceable at double the price. For the true Caddy aficionados that want a piece of Cadillac history but don't have all the finances, I'll entertain interesting trades of art, jewelry or what have you . . . money is not the motivator here, just a respectable deal and a good home to someone appreciative of what she is and will do better than I in recent years and drive her more. For more photos go to eBay #320814318161.  Thanks for looking, M. Grunberg -