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WTT: 1976 Eldorado triple white convertible
« on: December 19, 2012, 12:36:51 PM »
I need to take better pictures, but for now I will provide a description. Located in Abilene, TX.

1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible
Triple White
Hubcaps have white inserts
Artillery Wheels are chrome except for black spare
46k original miles
A bunch of work done to the front end
Will need some fillers
Top has one small slit behind quarter window
Paint has some specs coming off hood and trunk
Interior has black carpet, split in dash, but seats overall are quite nice
Overall it's a driver, but leather inside is especially good

As far as what I might be looking for in a Cadillac trade,
80-85 Seville coach, prefer convertible and no diesel or 4100
Pre 71 hearse
Pre 65 would consider just about anything


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