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1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille !!!SOLD!!!
« on: January 06, 2013, 11:22:14 AM »
Thank you Mr. Bond, for a great outline to follow from your '58 60 Special

For Sale is a 1959 Cadillac. Model 6329 Sedan deVille, 6 window.
390-4bbl Carbureted V-8. Gasoline
4 speed Hydra-Matic transmission.
2.91:1 rear drive ratio.
Not a show car, but a good solid driver. I have owned the car for near 8 years, it has been
garage kept during this time.

Mechanically it is near perfect. This would be a great car for a buyer out of the U.S., where
parts are hard to come by and expensive to import. It was originally shipped to Sacramento,
California and sold there. The car resided in the dry California weather until 2005, when I had
it shipped to Florida. I am the second owner of the car, but this cannot be documented.
California, does not keep vehicle history. The car is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA. Near 2 major export ports. Port of Miami and Port Everglades. With Port of Jacksonville and Port Tampa within a 5 hour drive.
Keep reading to learn more.

deVille option package includes, EZ-Eye tinted glass, all original with very little clouding and
no delamination. The drivers door plate is the only glass that has been replaced. The heater
works very well, even in the coldest of climates. Power windows, with manual locks and vents.
All work properly. Power antenna. It is remotely controlled and works correctly.
6 way power bench seat Forward, backward, up, down, tilt forward, tilt backward. Aftermarket A/C, nicely installed to remove at any time in the future to restore originality. It blows ice cold.
Sanden style compressor using R134-A is the refrigerant. Aftermarket in-dash AM/FM/CD,
with an integrated single disc player plus a 6 disc changer in the glove box, with remote
control. 4 speakers and a sub-woofer with a 600 watt amp all mounted in the trunk. I do have the original radio and speaker with the voice coil, plus the correct mounting bezel for the dash. All aftermarket paperwork for usage is included.

Paint is the original black lacquer on all but the hood and the left front fender. These were
damaged prior to my ownership and the body parts were replaced and painted with an inferior
paint leaving the hood and fender dull.
Otherwise the body is in excellent shape with the only rust starting in the lower front fenders
behind the wheel wells.

All stainless trim is intact, straight and shines very well. Bumpers shine nice and are rust free.
The front and rear bullet grills are straight and complete. There is a slight crease on the trunk
lip moulding. All wheel covers are in excellent condition and are of the proper year and trim.

Original except for the roof rails and the strip that goes in between the front and rear windows.
The roof rails were never right and would need to be replaced again. But they are effective in
keeping the water out.

Original liner is present. Not pretty and it appears a quart of oil must have been spilled in it
many years ago. This offered excellent protection to the metal. Full sized spare with 5th
matching tire, complete jack assembly and very solid floors, sides and lid.

5 matching Uniroyal Tiger Paw radials, 1 white stripe, 6 years old with 80% tread remaining.
These are all mounted on the proper rims and balanced.

Front. Excellent. Ball joints upper and lower are tight, new tie rod ends and idler arm. Recent
Monroe Radial-Matic shocks.

Rear. All original bushings and upper spherical joint. These are all tight. Rear shocks are
Monroe Air Adjustable manual shocks. This car was never on air suspension that is known to
me. The car tracks straight and true.

BRAKES: (All work within 10,000 miles)
8 shoes. All 4 wheel cylinders are newly rebuilt with cups and springs. Front and rear drums new. Front inner and outer bearings and seals and all new spring hardware. Master and booster is a remanufactured unit from a '68 Cadillac to offer a dual Master Cylinder for safety reasons. New lines plumbed in front to rear. E-Brake operates as intended.

Engine and Hydra-Matic are 1961. According to the wife of the owner, he had it changed to
upgrade the transmission and eliminate the canister oil filter. He liked to service his own car.
The engine is professionally rebuilt with all new internals. It's bored .030 over with .030
pistons. The crank was turned .010 under, align bored and with .010 over bearings installed.
Just the crank, block, heads and manifolds are of the original engine. The accessories including
the starter, water pump, alternator are all new in the past 6000 miles.
A Pertronix Flame Thrower II and the 45,000 volt coil are also used.

The electrical system is upgraded to a 150 amp 12SI Delco alternator. A 7 blade flex fan,
shroud, new 4 row radiator, placed in the proper position for an A/C car, with the hoses and
belts all being new. An electric fuel pump replaces the mechanical. It is wired to a switch to
shut it off to empty the carburetor and protect the seals from the Ethanol laced fuel.
The drive shaft is newly built with 3 new U-Joints and the carrier bearing. It is no longer a 3
piece shaft that will twist out of phase. It is a solid rear section now.
The Hydra-Matic is newly rebuilt when the engine was done. New clutches, steels, seals and
valve body gone through. It shifts as smooth as any new transmission. Even the 2-3 shift is
nice. It does like to drip out a ounce or two of fluid when sitting from the torus o-ring.
However, the rest is tight. The 61 unit also offers a filter in the pan and not just a screen. New
cooler lines to the radiator are from InLine Tube.

Solid as a rock. No rust. It was factory coated and still remains that way. Fuel tank cleaned and sealed with a new sending unit in it.

Original dashpad in good condition. No splits and it is presentable. Dash cluster all works as it
should. Headliner is original and in pristine condition. Door panels are the same. No rips or
tears, just faded carpeting at the bottom. The seats are original, dried and crusty. They need to be redone and are covered as it sits. The 6 way seat motor operates as it should. I removed, cleaned and re-lubed the cables. The carpet was replaced with a substandard quality carpet as the original carpet was dry and the vacuum sucked it right up the first time I did it. The floor pans front and rear are solid and rust free.

My PhotoBucket account has many detailed pictures of the car.
There are also a few off the wall videos that I made while driving the car on YouTube. Just
enter 'A Ride in a 59 Cadillac' in the search box.

When/if the car is listed on ebay, all transactions will go through ebay for your protection as well as mine. The car is advertized locally and on several Cadillac chat boards as well as in shows and cruises that I attend.

EMAIL:  or  I do check the 'Junk' folder also.

PRICE: Asking $20,000. Price is negotiable and I'm fairly motivated. I need the garage space for a business vehicle. However, I will not give the car away, so don't bother to lowball me. There will also be a reserve if the car goes to ebay. I will not disclose it once the auction
begins. Make a solid offer.
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1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille. Up on the sale block And sold, going to freeze in Sweden
1976 Eldorado Convertible. My new Mistress.

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Re: 1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille !!!SOLD!!!
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2013, 09:18:16 AM »
And thank you Mr. Perry. The pics of the rotted out '60 got me $19K for a running fully operational automobile. Turn the key, put in a CD and enjoy.  :)

Hopefully we'll get to see it traversing Australia for the 2014 tour they have planned there.
It will be going next week pending funds clearance.
1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille. Up on the sale block And sold, going to freeze in Sweden
1976 Eldorado Convertible. My new Mistress.

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Re: 1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille !!!SOLD!!!
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2013, 02:03:18 PM »
Glad I could help !!!!!But I think it was more about you having a nice 59 Cadillac,witch Im sure sold itself ! Convertibles always bring a premium. I happen to love a nice 4 door cadillac And have a lot of them, unfortunately they dont bring as much money when its time to sell. My everyday driver is a 1960 Cadillac 4 door flat top,I love it.I get tired of hearing people say, to bad its not a 2 door or convertible !!But a lot of people love it!If the car I have listed was a 6-window 1960 sedan in the same condition it would bring about $700.oo !!! Think about what your Cadillac would have brought if it was in the same condition,but was a convertible ? $$$$$$$ Nuff said ! Ken Perry
Cadillac Ken


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