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General Discussion / Re: I miss you (RF) Coupe de V...
Last post by 20ferest - Today at 07:55:28 PM
I haven't seen the condenser yet but I believe the previous owner has some four season ac components
General Discussion / Re: I miss you (RF) Coupe de V...
Last post by 20ferest - Today at 07:50:46 PM
Thank god i had an M4ME quadrajet for parts and I disassembled the thermostat housing but it seems very tricky to installimage.jpg
General Discussion / Re: I miss you (RF) Coupe de V...
Last post by TJ Hopland - Today at 07:36:03 PM
What style is your current condenser?   Is it the type where you can see the line snake through the fins or more like the radiator?  Mine is the radiator type which may be why I seem to be getting better performance than other conversions?  The other type I don't think can transfer the heat as efficiently which wasn't a problem with R12 but 134 seems to need all the help it can get.

Make sure your choke is getting power.  I think it runs through the oil pressure switch and have seen them fail and not activate the choke then someone miss adjusts it to compensate for it not working.  I believe the OE ones also ground through the housing and I have seen people install gaskets that end up insulating them so they don't get a good ground.
Ok here is a tough one that I don't expect anyone to have an answer to. But I would love to be surprised.

I am missing the grommet fitting for generator vent tube at radiator core support.  I do not know what Cadillac years this part crosses over to. Or any other vehicles.

Has anyone ever found replacement solution for this part.  Or even a good picture.  I hate leaving a post with no picture but I don't have one. 
General Discussion / Re: I miss you (RF) Coupe de V...
Last post by 20ferest - Today at 07:11:52 PM
And since you converted to efi I'm planning for the holley quadrajet efi
But maybe next time.
I will try to enjoy the q jet until it fails  now it doesn't have the fast idle as i said but maybe i will fix it i removed the carb thermostat housing along with flap and plugged the holes so it doesn't suck unfiltered air. She's solid gold cadillac
Hey Steve-

They occasionally pop up on eBay.  I gave up looking and went with modern belts with the old school "aviator style" buckle.
General Discussion / Re: I miss you (RF) Coupe de V...
Last post by 20ferest - Today at 06:49:16 PM
The temps is high at my location
Also I forgot last month i was in hurry and I started the car without pushing the accelerator it took so long but after the ride i park it for a week then started it it suddenly lost the fast idle so I thought its the carb thermostat so I bought a new screw set and messed up bad lol the newer screws was too big for the holes so i broke the carb thermostat housing.
For the radiator I bought an aluminum chrome from eBay for 300$ and yes the sanden i bought is ready for the 500/472 from cadillac speed shop.
Could I reuse the original condenser? I just found the high speed relay was melted and i fixed it immediately now it only blows ambient air
This Friday I didn't use the AC at all because i know A6 would be heavy load for the engine.
Want To Buy - Parts / Re: Rochester 7006221
Last post by Lexi - Today at 06:45:31 PM
Hey Nickl, were you referring to the shop manual or the Rochester Carburetor Manual? I know you said "Shop Manual", but want to be sure. Clay/Lexi
General Discussion / Re: 1956 60S Fuel cap - vented...
Last post by Lexi - Today at 06:40:01 PM
Pulled out my spare filler tube, said to be from a '56 Limo. I see one of the "U" shaped tiny valleys Art discussed. Looks like only one on this unit. Same on my '56 Limo, just one. Something I paid little attention to and did not know about. Thank you Art! Other than the Eldos I would imagine the filler tube to be the same for the other models that year, though not 100%. I believe my filler neck cap is original. Shots show both sides. Might have an extra one if interested. Clay/Lexi

Note: Check photo #2 to show "U" indentation vent as highlighted by a red arrow.
Thanks TJ,
Yeah, I'm not convinced that the recommended oil for an R134A system is the best choice. Until someone can prove to me that it is, I'm going to continue with this synthetic oil.
I appreciate your input on this. Sounds like you got the same pitch as me with the same results. Good luck on your future A/C endeavors.