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General Discussion / Re: Filming Review of Cadillac...
Last post by Clewisiii - Today at 09:10:43 AM
I do like the car. And priced at $65,000 it is actually a middle priced EV for what I received recently.

The Nissan at $60,000 was the same size but cheaper and less style.
The Hyundai Genesis at $65,000 was smaller but nicer quality interior features. Less exterior styling.

The Mercedes was $120,000. Smaller but nicer interior quality.

The BMW was $150,000 nicer interior but most of the money was in gimmick features. A 30 inch video screen that folded down from the ceiling electronic touch screen vehicle controls from each seat.
General Discussion / Re: Filming Review of Cadillac...
Last post by Clewisiii - Today at 09:06:01 AM
Handle button.


3 inch presenter opening

Cheap vent knob

Screen scroll knob

Large display screen


Headrest speakers.


Lights. Like the Celestiq the tail fin vertical lights are sinking down and wrapping under the rear fender.
General Discussion / Re: Filming Review of Cadillac...
Last post by Clewisiii - Today at 09:01:44 AM
Well there are things that I like and disappointments with the Lyriq.

The designers drew a nice car. But the engineering and material executions were not there for me.

The top of door panel and top of dash were either cast PVC or thermoformed skins. Even the less expensive Hyundai Genesis was cut and sew.

The airvents knobs looked substantial. But if you touched them and wiggled them around then not only felt cheap but sounded cheap as well. The Mercedes I reviewed which was twice as expensive as the Cadillac had a similar looking feature. But it felt substantial in your hand.

The vinyl used on the door and console armrest was cheap. I know why. They use the same suppliers as their base models or Buicks. They just change color and grain.

The door handles are actually buttons. You push the handle and the door pops open three inches. You then grab the edge of the door and open all the way. 

Sometimes the door would unlatch but not push out three inches. I then had to push it back in and try again. If the door was pushed out the first three inches you could not push it closed. You had to open it farther for it to let you close it.

There is a large touch screen display and a console knob to scroll through the screen. But the knob would not function on everything. I was scrolling through a menu just fine and at the bottom it said close. The knob would not select the close button so I had to touch the screen for that.

The seat foam was as hard as a rock. Especially the seat backs.

For Sale - Cars / Re: 1964 Convertible - Possibl...
Last post by jwwseville60 - Today at 08:15:39 AM
BTW, this is a car worth restoring to any level. 100%.
Restoration Corner / Re: Blue Mistress (55 FW)
Last post by Caddy Wizard - Today at 07:35:24 AM
Quote from: Mike Baillargeon #15848 on Yesterday at 06:57:12 PMI feel your pain Art....

There too many stories like this in our hobby....

I've known customers that give these crooks more money in the hopes of getting them to finish their car....Of course it never ends well...


I have the advantage that my dad was a car painter and taught me the basics.  I can do a fine job if I have to.  So, one way or another, it will work out.
For Sale - Cars / Re: 1964 Convertible - Possibl...
Last post by billyoung - Today at 06:44:41 AM
The definite remains of a quite loaded 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible, RIP.
General Discussion / Re: Filming Review of Cadillac...
Last post by billyoung - Today at 06:39:35 AM
I will never forget the anticipation and excitement when I could go downtown as a teenager in the late 1960's to Valley Cadillac and enter the showroom and pour over the cars. In 9th grade we were asked to interview a person that was in the occupation we wished to enter. I interviewed a new Cadillac salesman, Sam was very patient with me. Each new Cadillac was an individual masterpiece in my view. I Loved those Cadillac's, I Loved my City and my Country and had unbounded faith and expectation in all. All that is gone now.
General Discussion / Re: CLC Member needs HELP asap
Last post by Scott Nellis - Today at 05:02:28 AM
   Thanks to all for the thoughtful comments and praise. As the saying goes: "Necessity is the mother of invention." Calling for a tow definitely would have been the easiest and most comfortable option, but I would have somehow felt like a failure. Changing a water pump on a 472 isn't exactly open-heart surgery. In fact about fifteen years ago I was in L.A. on vacation and at the time I was a member of The Phantom Coaches Hearse Club even though I lived a few thousand miles away. A kind lady known only as Dee picked me up at my hotel in a 1970 Superior Cadillac 3-Way Funeral Coach to take me to a club meeting. She had converted the back into a Tiki Bar and while I was in the back getting primed for the meeting the hearse started overheating on the L.A. freeway. We pulled off the freeway into a parking lot to investigate. With so many club members for support and a bit of time on our hands as well as tools, we decided to pull the water pump and see if the impeller had somehow come loose. When I took that water pump off things went much smoother and quicker and it had appeared to have been removed fairly recently. It ended up being full of black sludge, but the impeller was fine. We cleaned things up and got her back together in time to make the meeting. That situation was far different than my recent experience. There was literally at least twenty hearse owners available to fetch tools, parts, or supplies.
   The real hero in my recent misadventure is of course Clay Foley. Without he and his wife's selfless kindness my hearse probably would have ended up on a tow truck. Hats off also go to Jeff of rural New York who offered help to a total stranger asking nothing in return, but receiving a mailbox chock-full of Canadian beer. We can't forget my beautiful 1968 Cadillac Hearse. I wasn't upset with her at all. She just needed some attention, then ran flawlessly to complete our eventful trip of just under 1000 miles.
General Discussion / Re: 1954 Front Fenders
Last post by Roger Zimmermann - Today at 02:31:15 AM
Yes, all models had the same front fenders. Sorry, I cannot help to locate one.
 Are you a member of the CLC or just a member on this board?? They are not the same. If you are not a member of the CLC,  you don't have a CLC #.