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Horn 1955 cad DeVille

Started by RandyK, May 24, 2023, 09:52:04 PM

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RandyDallas. Here's an odd one. Horn stopped working when you press the ring. BUT!!!!
When I go to turn a corner the horn blows on its own!!! Lot more waves these days!


I went all the way through the steering wheel and column assembly when restoring my '55 CDV, so I have a little experience with these components.
Refer to the 1954 service manual, section 7-9 and look at figure 7-13.
I suspect your switch assembly under the steering wheel has rotated or somehow is out of place, causing the horn contacts to be in the wrong position.
You're going to have to pull the steering wheel to inspect and diagnose the issue.
Hope this helps!
John Adams
1955 CDV "Marilyn"

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Temporarily, (to avoid road rage idiots)  you can disconnect at the horn relay or steering column base

walt chomosh #23510

  At the steering column base (under the hood) a wire exits which runs up thru the column tube and is connected to your horn ring.(the wire runs to your horn relay from the horn ring)The problem is that the "connector" rubs a "sleeve" that is pressed onto the insulating sleeve so the horn circuit is complete even when turning the steering wheel. My brass "sleeve" was worn so I used a standard copper tubing (1 inch) as a replacement. You should find all info needed by searching the site. There was once an article in the self starter mag on this problem......good luck!.....walt...tulsa,ok 


Think these shots are from my buddy's '56 convertible. Probably very similar if not the same as yours. Note the separate pieces that make up the steering column and where the horn wires and contacts are. There are posts on this site regarding such. These pics will help clarify what you find on this site. Clay/Lexi

David King (kz78hy)

I went through my steering column. Here is a link to the restoration page and there are several photos showing the parts involved.  It starts on post #14.
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