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Recent photo shoot

Started by 5390john, December 17, 2021, 02:21:58 AM

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A couple months ago I hired a professional photographer to shoot my '55 CDV. He did a great job and we spent a few days cruising around the Oregon wine country taking photos. Good guy, we had a great time, great photos, sample attached
I just received a request from him; he apparently thinks that after restoring Marilyn I can do anything related to old cars.
Another old car owner is restoring a mid-30's Pierce Arrow and needs to find a hood ornament.
Told him I would be happy to poke around a little.
Anyone on the forum know if there is a similar online format for Pierce Arrow owner/parts? Or know a guy who knows a guy? PM me if you can help, this probably is a subject that shouldn't take up space in the forum.
My guess is finding Pierce Arrow parts is a lot more challenging than Caddy parts!
John Adams

1955 CDV "Marilyn"

"Panic Accordingly"


Hi John
Your car looks great! Here is the web sight for Pierce Arrow.
Thanks Wayne