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Here's a few photos of the day when "Marilyn" was pulled out of the "barn" in 2011.The car is obviously completely unrestored, and had been in the same family since new.
The underhood area is as GM built it, with a few important elements (the engine!) missing.
In my opinion this is a good reference for what is correct or not.
Two of the photos barely show part of the brake booster and the original (!) heater hose routing over the firewall vent housings. Both the brake booster and the hose clips are black, not plated. I'm pretty sure this is correct.
Marilyn has won several respectable Concourse 1st place finishes and best of shows too! 
John Adams
OK, I'll look for it today, I hope I'll find it.
Where are you located?
I have a Cadillac Reconditioning book from the early 1970s that was used by the dealers to sharpen up used cars for re-sale. It's incredible what they could do even back then, including repairing cracked leather seats. Obviously the book discusses all kinds of GM chemicals they used but that we don't have today, I remember washing cloth trim and carpets with a cleaner that was colour based, like a dye. It was incredible the way it brought our black cloth trim and carpet back to life.

There were a few tips though that I learned from the book that I still use and one was bringing carpets back to life.

When the carpet was thoroughly vacuumed (out of the car) and had been washed you can use an air-gun attached to a compressor and working 80psi. The air-gun needs pointing into the carpet at 90 degrees. This would not only blow lots of imbedded rubbish out of the carpet, especially on the driver's area, it would fluff it upbringing it closer to how it was when new. I would suggest eye protection is worn as grit flies out while doing this.

They also used only white towels so that should any colour start bleeding you'll spot it immediately.

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All of the above is true. I can't take my black 60 cdv any place, including Home Depot or the supermarket that I don't get shouts of great car or thumbs up or requests for pictures with the car. G.M. will never make true Cadillacs again in America. Closest thing is the CT6  but thats only for China.  Too bad. So many of us loyalists want them.
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That's a big NO.  Sorry.
The big problem with these systems is when the operating cable that travels from the cylinder to the lock, beneath the carpet, gets wet, and starts to rust.

I found that mine was so badly rusted that it seized, and a couple of wire strands rusted through, creating an internal catching point.   Luckily, I found one strand and got it out, but that still left the other end still in there.

I managed to purchase a supposedly good one, which moved reasonably freely, but it is not as good as a brand new one.

Bruce. >:D

PS.   I have never seen a faulty hydraulic actuator.
Congratulations on letting everyone know what the solution was.

When I was chasing a similar problem in my '60 CDV, it turned out to be the upper Ball Joint that was totally worn out.

Bruce. >:D
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This works out well for this Forum as the CLC does not allow Dealers to advertise in the Members "For Sale" Forums, but we do have a Commercial Section just for them.

But, what Hemmings does, has nothing to do with us.

Bruce. >:D