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General Discussion / Oil change 1976 Eldorado
Last post by johnpaul - Yesterday at 09:08:24 PM
I'm planning on changing the oil for the first time this weekend in my 1976 Eldorado convertible.  Is there anything specific or different that I should expect? I've done many oil changes on various cars.
General Discussion / Re: Is there a way to find the...
Last post by Baloo - Yesterday at 08:49:46 PM
General Discussion / 1967 Eldorado - Radiator Hose ...
Last post by Varooom - Yesterday at 08:24:01 PM
I could use some replacment upper and lower radiator hoses for my '67 Eldorado.  I see Fusick's has them for the upper in OEM style which are very nice.  However, are any less expensive molded hoses out there?  I checked with the usual neighborhood parts houses plus Summit, JEGS, PartsGeek, eBay, Amazon and figured I better ask here.
Technical / Authenticity / What can I replace in a 4L60 w...
Last post by dochawk - Yesterday at 08:00:48 PM
After a year or so of being slow to leave second gear, the transmission in my '93 Fleetwood threw a tantrum and suddenly stopped engaging for more than a few seconds.

I changed the filter & fluid (exhausting into bucket until it was fully pink coming out) when the problem started.

For a couple of days before the tantrum, it sometimes stayed in first longer than it should, sometimes with that whiny sound of a very heavy truck in low gear.  And then it just plain started racing while I drove.

So I ended up renting a uhaul to tow it home (which cost about twice what a filter & flush would have cost down there).

And, worse, it gave out while driving it onto the trailer, denting the chrome panels on the passenger side!

At that point, I called Hagerty, which sent a truck that winched it into place.  It happily drove down the ramp when I got home.

I'm going to start with another filter and fluid replacement.  Am I able to replace solenoids or anything else while I have the bottom plate off?

And for whatever difference it makes, it's 4L60, not 4L70e.  Some pages seem to assume that everything got the updated transmission in 1993, but according to the FSM, the Fleetwood didn't.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1968 Calais choke coil
Last post by Steve W - Yesterday at 07:50:44 PM
Hi gene,
First, are you sure your carb is the one that came from the factory on your car? Before ordering parts, you need to check it out. There's a couple of great QJet videos on YouTube that show you where the number is stamped and how to decypher exactly what you have. And isn't there a section covering the choke in the shop manual? I don't have mine handy at the moment.
Sorry maybe I confused you , I meant the wire that you sent me a picture of with the ohms reader connected to it. I tested it at that wire and also the #2 cavity on relay board. I will Check as soon as I get home if it stays on as I crank. Thanks Dave I'll also check the wires to the rear. I know going to My pump there's a red wire and 2 separate grounds if I'm not mistaking. But I know the connector your talking about by the rear bumper that the wires for the pump connect to. That harness
Technical / Authenticity / Help
Last post by Bigjoe313 - Yesterday at 05:56:10 PM
Bought a 1966 convertible. Having turn signal issues. Will a 1967 column fit a 66 if so does anybody have a good one for sale?
Hi Jonathan, does the test light stay on continuously while the engine is cranking?   Did you try it at the connector at the rear bumper.  I looked at mine this morning and see a light blue wire at the rear connector so it is making me wonder if the test point in the engine bay is the correct one or not. Seems strange that it isn't light blue also.  Dave
If the 6th digit (position for model year) of the VIN is a "6" the car is a 1976. It will not "qualify" as a 1975 even if manufactured that year.

The month & year the car was built is on the decal on the driver's door. 
General Discussion / Is there a way to find the MON...
Last post by Baloo - Yesterday at 05:24:00 PM
We need to find the Month (and year) that our 76 Eldo rolled off the assembly line.
Seem this is possible on any car after 1980/1, but how about 1976?
I'm hoping the car actually rolled out in 1975, to qualify as a 1975 model.
Thanks for any info.