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General Discussion / Re: 56 Eldo Dash Pad
Last post by JungleCadd - Yesterday at 05:16:40 PM
Quote from: Cadman-iac on March 11, 2023, 11:26:39 AMI've got a small collection of dash top assemblies, and I've also ran into the difference in the hole shape for mounting. Most of the ones I have have the round ones, but a few have the oblong or oval ones.
 The one that I removed from my coupe de ville has the oval ones.
 I don't know why they're different, I just figured it was something to do with the year of car, since the same dash fits all 3 years, 54, 55, and 56. But that's just my theory, since I got most of the tops from a friend of mine when he was getting out of the hobby. They were already off of the cars and not marked as to the years they came out of.
 I have noticed that they interchange just fine, but you have to have the correct sleeves or spacers to go with them. As for the rubber grommets, I used some pcv grommets for a Chevrolet small block. Once installed on the dash and the sleeve is put in, you can't tell the difference.
 As for the covering on the top, I'm going to just use the old material for a pattern and hopefully find an upholstery shop that can stitch it together to match the original style. I just haven't gotten that far yet.
 I  hope this answers some of your questions.
thanks Rick! Much appreciated.
General Discussion / Re: 56 Eldo Dash Pad
Last post by JungleCadd - Yesterday at 05:14:26 PM
Quote from: V63 on March 10, 2023, 11:36:56 PMAll the dashes were shared in 1956. Later years often changed the grain.
all dashes for particular series correct? Not sure series 60 will fit 62's.
Newsletters / Re: April, 2023 Raritan River ...
Last post by caddyjay1 - Yesterday at 04:59:40 PM
April, 2023 Raritan River Region CLC Newsletter
Newsletters / April, 2023 Raritan River Regi...
Last post by caddyjay1 - Yesterday at 04:55:20 PM
April, 2023 Raritan River Region CLC Caddy Corner.

April - 2023 Caddy Crnr.pdf
General Discussion / Re: Trying to post pictures
Last post by Cadman-iac - Yesterday at 04:24:04 PM
 Lol!! Well I had to do it fast to check if I had changed the settings correctly. So I just found the first Cadillac related picture I could find and stuck it on here.
 It honestly has nothing to do with this thread.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Having difficulty rebuildi...
Last post by Cadman-iac - Yesterday at 04:21:07 PM
 Yes, if you'd like to call that's fine.
 But I think the number listed is wrong now. If it's a 520-307 number, it's wrong.
 Email me if that's listed in here, and I'll send you the correct number.

Want To Buy - Cars / WTB: 1961 - 1963 2 Door Hardto...
Last post by undertaker209 - Yesterday at 04:15:42 PM

I am looking for a 1961 - 1963 2 Door Hardtop.  Not looking for a perfect show car, but would like a driver.

No preference on color.

Located in Waterbury, CT.  Willing to travel.  I have a truck and trailer.



raymond.albiniemail addresses not permitted
Newsletters / New Zealand FINZ Magazine - NZ...
Last post by FINZ Editor New Zealand - Yesterday at 03:56:51 PM
Greetings from The Cadillac La Salle Club of New Zealand (Inc.)

Hello everyone. Find attached is your latest FINZ Magazine for: APRIL 2023

In this month's issue:

•   Another Kiwi Cadillac cover!
•   Coverage of the Waihi Warm-up for Beachhop 2023 and the 'All FORD Day' in Tauranga
•   Another 50th Anniversary teaser.
•   Memories from the past. Are there any current members who remember the faces and the places?
•   Another 'Amazing FINZ Cover pic from the past'. This month we drive our Caddies underground!
•   Kev is in fine Fin form again!
•   Miss Lane page plus things pasted on 'The Fridge!'
•   Lots of fun items and catch-up news from around NZ and the globe
•   The best Tails in Town!
•   And as always, plenty of colour

As always, I'd love to receive your Cadillac adventure stories and photos together with a few words for publication. Email them to me at finzmagazineemail addresses not permitted If it is a particularly 'large MB shot' it has a greater chance of appearing on the front cover especially if it has character or a bit of flair. KIWI Caddies for consideration for the front cover. Email me yours now!
Until the next issue, cruise safely out there!

Yours sincerely
Ron Melville, Editor of FINZ ('Fins') - Monthly magazine of
The Cadillac La Salle Club of New Zealand (Inc.) and
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For Sale - Parts / Re: 1966 Cadillac Dealer Adver...
Last post by Carfreak - Yesterday at 02:50:07 PM
I replied to your messages.  Will reach out by email this evening. 
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Having difficulty rebuildi...
Last post by bobrich47 - Yesterday at 02:44:22 PM
Rick, I see your phone # in the directory here. Would you mind if I call you?