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Technical / Authenticity / Re: ** 1981 eldorado 6.0 fuel ...
Last post by 81 BENY Biarritz - March 28, 2023, 07:29:24 PM
Looks like you can't attach anything to a "Quick Reply" so here is the picture.  Dave

Restoration Corner / Re: Carl 61 Fleetwood Phyllis
Last post by Clewisiii - March 28, 2023, 07:29:06 PM
Do you see any issue with Flex Plate surface rust.

I don't think there are any issues with it.  But I would at least like to clean it up without causing more rust. 

Technical / Authenticity / Re: ** 1981 eldorado 6.0 fuel ...
Last post by 81 BENY Biarritz - March 28, 2023, 07:26:23 PM
Hi Jonathan, I don't think that I can recommend any replacement ECM unless it is a remanufactured GM/Delco one as I have never had to replace mine and I don't know what the differences are between the two versions (if any).  I have collected a couple of spares from some parts cars for future use on mine (just like your car's precious owner had) although I have never tested them...yet.  You have the correct Part # for your car based on the VIN that you sent so maybe do a search using that # to see what you come up with.

Just had a look at my build sheet to compare VINS out of curiosity and our cars are about 1200 builds apart with mine being later down the line.  That is fairly close based on 20,000 built that year (I think).  Mine was built on Mar 27 if that is of any interest to you.  Have you looked for your build sheet by any chance?  If it is still there you might find it taped to the back of one of the carpeted cardboard trunk liners along the rear fenders in the trunk.  I found one for both of my 81's there.

Back to your fuel pump problem.  I was looking at the electrical drawing that I had sent you already and noticed what looks like a test point on the "light blue" wire #120 that is located between the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump. It indicates that it is "taped to the harness" near the LH bulkhead connector in the engine bay.  I went to have a look on mine and the only thing I could find in that area was what looks like a green wire with green wire connector.  Given there didn't seem to be anything else that might be it in the area I put a volt meter on it and lo and behold it read 11.XX volts for about one second each time I turned on the ignition switch to the RUN position and then immediately went to zero.  Please have a look at the picture to see where it is.  You can test for voltage there in the same way as I did or if you isolate the ECM and the injector connections I would guess that you could put 12 volts on it and "hotwire" the fuel pump.  Please only do this if you understand all the connections as I wouldn't want you to damage your ECM or injector circuit with a back feed.  Also as confirmed by testing on my car the fuel pump only runs for ONLY a second or less and I couldn't hear the fuel pump relay click at all when I was specifically listening for it.

Also found a really good troubleshooting section in the manual which I will scan to you in a bit.   Dave
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1959 Cadillac Deville dual...
Last post by 35-709 - March 28, 2023, 07:04:19 PM
1962 was the first year for a dual master system in Cadillacs.  I would start there looking for a bolt in (or nearly so) installation.  1962 dual masters are no longer available new from what I understand, so the additional problem will be finding that particular year and making sure it is rebuildable.  I would look right up through 1964 as being your best bet. 
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1968 Eldorado 472 oil pan ...
Last post by 35-709 - March 28, 2023, 06:51:04 PM
" --- is it because this shorter belt can't be tensioned since the tension mechanism is with the AIR pump bracket?"
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Having difficulty rebuildi...
Last post by bobrich47 - March 28, 2023, 06:33:25 PM
Yes Rick, I do have it on jack stands & am a little leary about that.  I'll heed your advice & do it in my vice. Thanks for the help!  Bob.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Having difficulty rebuildi...
Last post by Cadman-iac - March 28, 2023, 06:27:49 PM
Hey Bob,
You can also install it on the car first if you want to do it that way. I have myself. I just found it easier to tighten the nuts using a cheater when it's in the vise. Plus then I can center the shaft before I mount the arm on the vehicle.
If you mount it first, then tighten the nuts, if the shaft is not centered, you wouldn't know it unless you dismount the arms and check. It is possible for one nut to push the arm over the other nut if the second one has enough wear in the hole it goes in. If this happens, the nut can bottom out on the shaft, and you could possibly crack the end of the nut, which would cause a grease leak when you lube it. If that makes sense to you.
But that's just how I do it. There's no set method, and maybe someone else has another way that works for them.
Just be careful if you do it on the car. There's less room to work in, and you'll have the car on jackstands most likely.

Technical / Authenticity / Re: ** 1981 eldorado 6.0 fuel ...
Last post by Jonathan Johnson - March 28, 2023, 06:26:10 PM
Hey Dave could you help point me to the direction of the correct ecm off off ebay? Even though that may not be the issue I'd still like to buy a reman, due to the fact I'll then feel better about taking it on long drives and then I'll have  peace of mind knowing a have a good one in there. I got such a deal I planned on putting money in her.  Thanks
Technical / Authenticity / Re: ** 1981 eldorado 6.0 fuel ...
Last post by Jonathan Johnson - March 28, 2023, 06:22:10 PM
Hey tj when I get home I'll see if I have an original relay under there,  and go off those prongs
For Sale - Parts / 1969/1970 LH Deville outside ...
Last post by Bob Hoffmann CLC#96 - March 28, 2023, 06:21:46 PM
This does NOT fit Eldos. Dry stored for years. Bright & shiny.  It's way above average. Some minor pits here & there. None on the top or on the blasted portion. Nice action. Joy stick has some light pitting. Glass has some small areas of discoloration. It would hardly show when mounted. This mirror would look very nice when mounted as opposed to 6" away. 
I'm having trouble with pictures. Realistically, pictures won't show what I described. $250 plus shipping. Questions, please ask. Please contact me directly at
 Thanks, Bob