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49 leaf spring rubber eyelet bushings

Started by Jeff Maltby 4194, July 03, 2009, 03:21:57 PM

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Jeff Maltby 4194

Any modern replacements out there less the oem rubber from steele/metro ?

Just found this site and only 15 miles from me :<)
Jeffo 49er chapter

CLC 1985
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Bob Schuman

About three years ago I bought new rear springs for my 41, same as a 49 in rear suspension, from Eaton Detroit Spring Co. They came with new rubber bushings. The new bushings were not flat on both ends like original ,but were slightly rounded on the large end, making installation nearly impossible. Grinding or sanding them flat on the end eliminates the problem. I don't know if Eaton will sell the bushings separately. The Steele Rubber bushings are exactly correct, and are certainly not cheap.
Bob Schuman
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