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Front Seats and Top = $4500?

Started by 67caddyLA, January 19, 2023, 06:51:56 PM

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67 Caddy Deville. Blood red interior.

1) My front seats are cracking and the foam is coming out all over. I would like to have the front seats upholstered.  I am in Los Angeles.  What are you guys paying around the US? Do the red materials match?

2) I am a dummy (forgive me). Last year, the rear window glass tore on my convertible. I fixed it with brand new glass. I didn't think, and neither did the shop, but now that I use the top up and down a lot, top is cracking, and basically I need a new top.  Can my rear glass be used?  I see OPTI sells tops for $400-800.  What tops are you guys using?  What should be price of install? 

Ryan Zeimen
1967 Cadillac Deville Topless


Some pics of the pattern of seats.

Ryan Zeimen
1967 Cadillac Deville Topless

The Tassie Devil(le)

G'day Ryan,

With regard to your seat problem, I have just fitted covers from to my '72 Eldorado and am very happy with the results.   Lots of colours available, and if they don't have your actual style, they will give you a discount if you supply your old covers as templates.

As for the roof, it looks like it might have to be a "simple" replacement.

Bruce. >:D
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Thank you Bruce!!! I will look at the Seat link you sent.

On the roof - my question is, is OPTI where you guys buy the roof?  Talked to a Vegas member and he said $2500 for roof + install. Sound right to you?

Do you have any photos of your seat covers?
Ryan Zeimen
1967 Cadillac Deville Topless


As I remember, a new convertible top with rear glass window and pads for my '68 Pontiac Bonneville was (very roughly) $600.  Expert installation was another $600 or so.  Sorry I don't have more exact figures but it was certainly about half of the $2500 you have been quoted.   
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Quote from: 35-709 on January 20, 2023, 12:17:19 PMAs I remember, a new convertible top with rear glass window and pads for my '68 Pontiac Bonneville was (very roughly) $600.  Expert installation was another $600 or so.  Sorry I don't have more exact figures but it was certainly about half of the $2500 you have been quoted.   
That sounds more reasonable. 

The tops at OPTI with plastic rear window is $400. Glass rear window is $800 or so.  Since I have a glass rear window (new), I wonder if I can buy a top without any windows and reuse mine?

I will stop by a couple of other shops and ask the price.
Ryan Zeimen
1967 Cadillac Deville Topless


Seat pics

Ryan Zeimen
1967 Cadillac Deville Topless


Just as a price reference, about 18 onths ago I had the top replaced on my 2001 Corvette. It has a Stayfast 3 canvas top and glass window. The top was made by GAHH. That company also owns Robbins tops and some other brands. The top and install was $1600. This is a smaller car, obviously, but probably a bigger pain, labor wise. I believe that the pads and cables were still good and were re-used, as was the headliner. Of course, headliners weren't used in convertibles in the 60s, generally. That'll be in the ballpark.

The hardest part of the seat I think would be acquisition of the correct leather and vinyls used. A good upholstery shop can stitch them up from there. My 64 CdV was redone that way, and the only giveaway really, was that the leather was nicer, being new, and all the skirts were redone in leather also. Usually only the Eldos were done that way. The others had vinyl skirts. Whoever did it did a fabulous job. They don't come any better than how that person did it.
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Might be talking out of turn because I am in early stages of fixing the tears and discoloration in my 70 DeVille seats..I didn't want to recover them and was told by other region members who had seen the interior to keep the original leather. Looked at several utube videos on how to patch and fill tears with compound and purchased the Leatherique system ( they custom matched my red color) which wasn't cheap but was consistently recommended on the forum.  The Leatherique conditioner really helped soften up the hard and cracking leather, especially on drivers seat back and then I started patching tears with backing material and glue. Then I found A.R.T. real repairs for real customers videos in which he stitches leather tears shut instead of glueing and knew I had to restart. Not sure I can blend and regrain the filler compounds as well as done in the videos but I have stitched two areas so far (had to add a patch to one area that mice had eaten away and made a nest in drivers seat while car was in storage) and I am happy with the results. I'm in no hurry,I'm not the best sewer and have not finished but I would keep your original leather(of course I can't see how bad it is under the tape on drivers side) which looks no worse than mine.