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Florida Ian Flooded Allante :a youtube odyssey

Started by James Landi, January 23, 2023, 06:07:35 AM

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James Landi

Randy, who is running a successful YouTube channel "Auto Auction Rebuilds," presents a three part Odyssey starring a red '91 Allante. Purchased for pennies at a salvage yard in Fla., it suffered hurricane Ian saltwater flooding over 100 days ago that nearly covered the engine... there is salt water in the oil, apparently having entered through the exhaust, and the transmission is entirely flooded with saltwater, and of course the interior,apparently, was flooded just below the dash (yes, salt water immersion of the electrical fuses and shifter)--.  To set the scene, Randy and his friend Mike, are in FLorida, having purchased the Allante and a high mileage Corvette, and plan to get the cars running for a 2000 mile trip home to Oklahoma.   Find the three videos on Youtube --- Auto Auction Rebuilds... it's his three most recent videos. These are NOT master mechanics, and I cringed as I watched them expend mighty effort on  a seemingly useless challenge.   Enjoy,  James