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Magic City on Starz

Started by marty55cdv, May 03, 2012, 02:41:11 PM

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  This series is worth watching just for the cars. Check out this link
Marty Smith
  CLC #22760
41 60 Special
55 CDV
1958 Extended Deck
1959 Fleetwood
1960 Series 62 Coupe
1960 Sedan DeVille  4 window Flattop
63 Fleetwood
1964 Eldorado
1988 EBC

Quentin Hall

 Thanks for the head up on this one. Looks like a great series and nice 58 Biarritz. Very Madmenesque but Miami and wilder sets and just that little bit earlier set in 59 should be worth waiting for . Does any one remember "Crime Story"? . I loved that show. Q   
53 Eldo #319
53 Eldo #412.
53 Eldo #433
57 Biarritz
53 series 62 conv
39 Sixty Special Custom
57 Biarritz



Crime Story is one of my all time favorites too.  Its right up there with the Rockford Files.  It is available on DVD.  Magic City has 3 great Cadillacs in main roles, Ike's 58 Biarritz, Vera's 59 Coupe de Ville and The Butcher's 58 Fleetwood.
Jim Jordan CLC# 5374
Oklahoma City, OK

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56 Series 62 Coupe
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59 Fleetwood Sixty Special
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67 Fleetwood Sixty Special
68 Fleetwood Eldorado
76 Coupe de Ville d'Elegance
90 Brougham
92 Fleetwood Coupe
93 Allante
94 Fleetwood Brougham
02 Eldorado Commemorative Edition

Quentin Hall

Another favourite of mine was "Private Eye" . . . that was me 20 years ago when I had my black 57 Biarritz cruising the Sts of Brisbane lookin for trouble. I wanted  Joe Jackson's theme music to be the sound track to my life.  I still have the vinyl album somewhere. Think I need to to buy a record player right now. . . haha
53 Eldo #319
53 Eldo #412.
53 Eldo #433
57 Biarritz
53 series 62 conv
39 Sixty Special Custom
57 Biarritz