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ignition lock cylinder change

Started by CadillacRob, July 05, 2016, 11:55:25 PM

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Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

Some GM cars had ONE key, and some had TWO keys. When they had one key it fit everything. When they had two keys, one key operated the door locks & ignition while the other key operated the glove box & trunk. SOME  glove box locks were missing part of the tumblers so you can't make a truck key from them. Been there done that in LOTS of rodeos. Making WAGS & comparing apples & oranges does not answer the question.
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Tons of drilling and 1 bent punch later

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Good job,  hard part done.

What i was saying is that like mine, the ignition is the same key as the door handle, so getting info from door handle would work.
My glove is the same as the trunk key
I have 2 keys.
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Ive never removed a door handle yet on one of these old cads.

Im assuming you need to pull the door card, unscrew the latch mechanism and from there with a special tool pop the handle off to access the lock cylinder?
1950 series 61 sedan
1956 coupe de ville

russ austin

I have the replacement locks, and they are new.  shoot me an email with  your cars info and your zip code for a shipping quote.


1950 series 61 sedan
1956 coupe de ville

russ austin

I only have the new ignition locks for 57 and up.


We are restoring a 1953 cadillac coupe Deville and we  can't find the keys. I ordered a new cylinder but read comments that you need the key to change it. Is there a way to change it without the key. Locksmith can't do anything I already checked that out.


In the past i also had several customers cars with missing keys. Without the proper key it's impossible to set the ingnition lock in the richt position, enter a small rod in the hole and push in the pin inside the lock. Several of you mentioned drilling out the lock. I do it the other way by removing the switch part in the housing. At the back of the housing the switch is held in place by three small tabs witch you can bent back with a small screwdriver. After bending back the tabs the switch backplate with te spring and contact ring will come out. Now you can remove the lock by grinding away the tab that holds the lock cylinder in place with a dremel like grinding tool. Doing so you can avoid damaging the switch housing by drilling to far into the lock cylinder. This way also gives you the opportunity to examine the contacts of the switch if they are burned or melted away ( i had one car in my shop who started for itself without turning the key because the contact were heavily burnt) After repair the tabs on the housing can be bent back to secure the backplate again.this works on all cars prior to late 60s. New keys or locks can be obtained through Thomas-J-Sestac who has an Ebay page, Douglas Vogel or Jesser's classic keys.
Hope this helps.
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Matern Harmsel
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