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Started by sbartelski, February 14, 2023, 10:32:29 AM

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As hard as we try, scammers are still infiltrating our forums, especially this one, and scamming members. Please be very careful about sending money to someone that you do not know, especially when using electronic methods like PayPal, Zelle. etc. Paying by check is slightly safer as the scammer is required to give an address, that can be used for a police visit. Of course, a PO Box can be another red flag. You can also search the Internet for escrow companies that will hold your money until you confirm that you received the items for which you paid. Don't forget that you can report a questionable post to the Moderators under the 'More' button below.

Be aware that membership of these forums is NOT restricted to CLC members, however, you can view their profile to see if they have a CLC number. If you are still suspicious, you can look the name up on the main CLC site (Member Search) or call the office to ask them to confirm the member.

Some tips for protection are:
  • Never send friends and family PayPal unless you really trust the receiver. If the seller balks, add in the 2.3% that PayPal charges for commercial payments. See it as insurance because your payment can be refunded if the items are not delivered or are different than described.
  • If the seller demands friends or family, zelle, venmo or other protection free payments, walk away from it. No seller should be twisting your arm.
  • Request parts to be listed on a protection friendly site, e.g. Ebay. Anyone legit will take the fee hit as opposed to be sitting on parts even longer.
Stefan Bartelski