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1967 and 1968 Climate Control dash unit ElDorado vs RWD

Started by cadillacmike68, February 02, 2020, 12:39:21 AM

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Is the Dash control for 1967and 68 the same for ElDorado and the RWD units or are they different. I'm not considering the Fleetwood 75 series which has no Vent setting.

I'm asking because the ElDorado only used 3 of the 4 ports on the Master (steamboat) switch, and if I use a control from an ElDorado, will it work correctly in a DeVille / Fleetwood 60??
"Cadillac" Mike


I would say yes.  The parts book says the 67 and 68 (except 75 series) have the part number 7298185.   
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The ports on the master switch all connect to a single chamber inside the switch if that helps.
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OK, they must be the same then.  Cadillac Tim's book doesn't mention a separate part. I know the Series 75 is different because those do not have a Vent option.
"Cadillac" Mike


Tim Groves