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Progress On My '37 LaSalle Frame, Manifolds, Headers

Started by carlhungness, November 14, 2020, 03:45:20 PM

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     A couple of photos here of progress on my '37 LaSalle frame. I made some rollers using 4" square tube and Harbor Freight castors that sure make it easy to roll around.
I was able to roll it into a field to have it glass bead blasted, then it was on to the powder coater where he covered it with "GM Black".
    I decided to knock the barnacles off my intake and exhaust manifolds using carbide bits and every abrasive in my stash ranging from flap wheels to Rol-Loc discs. They'll look a lot smoother once coated. Engine is a 500" Cadillac.
    The top 8-10 inches of the transmission are also visible just in front of the firewall so I'll have to smooth it up as well.
    Here's an exhaust clamp I revamped that started life as a conduit clamp that was too large. It has a nice flat bend at the top which clones the original thus allowing me space to install a spring just like the originals. I simply clamped the clamp onto a 2" piece of exhaust tubing and reduced its diameter with a torch, hammer and a little patience. They work perfectly.