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1969 DeVille Convertible Project

Started by sturner50502, February 17, 2018, 09:31:06 PM

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Quote from: DeVille68 on April 23, 2020, 03:45:12 PM
nice! How did your carb rebuild turn out?

Best regards,

Hi Nicolas,

The rebuild turned out pretty good.  I ordered my rebuild kit from Their kit was great with high-quality gaskets and replacement parts. I was able to clean up the carb really well before the rebuild. All ports and tubes were cleared as I was able to run thin wire throughout all of the areas.

I have not tried starting the engine yet (didn't have time to dedicate to getting it started and tuned) . I will update all when I  get it started.

Thanks for all your help and tips!
Steve Turner
1969 De Ville Convertible
1989 Brougham d'Elegance



I have had my car now for three years. You guys have been with me along the way. Answering my questions, giving me tips and suggestions etc. And finally, one day after my three year anniversary of owning the car, I was able to hear it running at idle for the first time.

Three years ago I pulled this car out of an auto yard. It was outdoors, with the top down, in a dirt lot. It was filthy. The seats were completely dry-rotted from sun exposure. They looked like they were in a fire. The engine so dirty it was hard to tell if all parts were there.

When I brought it home on the tow truck, my wife looked at me as if I was going nuts.
She asked, "Why'd you bring that here?"
Me: Cause its a car, dear. And cars go in the garage.
Her: Yeah. But what are you going to do with that?
Me: Drive it.
Her: I hope you didn't pay a lot for it.
Me: No. Only $1500
Her: $1500! That is about $1450 more than you should have.... Why'd you buy a car from the junkyard. You must be going nuts... (blah blah blah)
Me: Yes dear. I know but... (she walked away)

I can only guess that is a familiar scene to some of you.

I had the seats reupholstered and new carpeting, I refurbished the dashpad and instrument cluster, changed the fuel tank and fuel sending unit, new spark plugs and wires, new starter, new smog pump, new belts, new fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor and lots of tedious cleaning. You all have answered many questions I have posted about some of these things.

When the engine finally turned over and idled, it was very satisfying as it made all the hard work (to this point) worth it. While I still haven't drove it, I feel a sense of progress.

Thanks everyone for all your help. Im sure you will be getting many more questions from me. Happy New Year! Lets make 2021 a much better year!

Look for some updated photos in the near future!
Steve Turner
1969 De Ville Convertible
1989 Brougham d'Elegance

Matti R

Great to hear about your achievements. I know the feeling. There are never too much old Cadillacs in the streets!
Best regards,
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James Landi


A worthwhile and purposeful project-- you've come such a long way.  please do post some new pictures, and, perhaps, if you have the time, tell us what your scheduling prior to your first road test.  Keep pressing on... James


3:37, 3:41, 5:08 AM. Geez what time zone do you guys live in! lol
Steve I've had my 66 about 3 years also. Had trouble with the carb. and put a rebuild in. Ran much better but it still does not run great all the time. The fuel tank was cleaned, the fuel is new, lines are new, driving me nuts. But it's only running a little rough once in awhile.
I have an idea for a new type of carb but i don't have the funds for it.
Any way wives? They don't always appreciate the finer things in life.  ;D
Your right this site has a wealth of knowledge and people are more than willing to help.
What's next on you list? I'm getting ready to paint mine.

The Tassie Devil(le)

Quote from: spolij on January 02, 2021, 10:59:30 AM
3:37, 3:41, 5:08 AM. Geez what time zone do you guys live in! lol   
Ha ha.   Some of us can't sleep, and others are in the future. ;)

Bruce. >:D
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 ;D  Great post (update) to start the new year!  Bet she'll be proud to ride in the car when finished and she'll brag to everyone that oohs and aahs over the car that her hubby restored it!
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