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Airtex Fuel Pump

Started by SteveB3155, October 30, 2021, 06:34:34 AM

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About a year and a half ago, I had an Airtex mechanical fuel pump put on my 1961 Series 62 convertible.  Earlier this spring, I detected the smell of gasoline as I pulled it out of the garage.  I popped the hood, and noticed gasoline leaking from under the pump's upper dome.  I tightened the two screws at the top of the dome, and that stopped the leak for a little while, but not for long.  I tightened the screws a couple more times, before realizing they had stripped, or more likely the threads in the potmetal of the pump stripped.  So picked up an another and installed it.  Problem solved..... so I thought.  Last week, I detected fuel weeping from the lower seam (near the rubber) of the pump.  I tightened up all the screws on the pump, but wonder how long that would last.

Around the same time I picked up this pump, I ordered another NOS AC fuel pump off the internet.   It arrived, and appears to be brand new.  I'm thinking I should install it on the Cadillac.  My question is should I re-build it first.  I remember reading somewhere that the rubber on a 50-something year old fuel pump deteriorates after time, even if it has never been used.  Not sure if the rubber on the rebuild kits is as good as what is in it now?
1961 Series 62 Convertible


Good Morning
By a new rebuild kit and have it installed. First the old rubber will not hold up to todays gas. Second iIf the pump has been sitting for a long time. The rubber is dried out and will go bad shortly after you install it. I have been there more times then I care to speak of. That is why I no longer let people purchase there own parts to repair these old cars. Sadly they pay good money for a NOS part. Then I end up purchasing a rebuild kit for it. Save your time and maybe your car from a fire.
              Thanks wayne   

Michael Petti

I second rebuilding the NOS pump. If you don't want to do it yourself,  Art Gould will do a nice job and guarantee it. I had same issue on my 60. Finally rebuilt an AC core through Art Gould and been great. Good luck.

David Greenburg

X2 for Gould Rebuilders.  Especially critical if you're going to be using ethanol-infested gas.
David Greenburg
'60 Eldorado Seville
'61 Fleetwood Sixty Special


Thank you all.  Fortunately I live a little over an hour away from Arthur Gould Rebuilders.  Took my NOS pump up (along with a rebuilt reproduction that had the proper pulsator cover with the AC logo).  Had a nice chat with the owner, Parker, and should have them back in a few weeks.
1961 Series 62 Convertible