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SCAMMER BEWARE: Buyer Claiming to be from Opa Locka, FL

Started by Vince Taliano #13852, September 22, 2021, 09:47:20 AM

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Vince Taliano #13852


A few owners of cars for sale on the CLC Potomac Region website have reported that a person claiming to be from Opa Locka, FL has emailed them with a scam offer related to either buying, inspecting and/or shipping the vehicle.  It appears to be the old overpayment scam where the seller is asked to send a check to the prospective buyer for the difference. 

Here is an article on Internet Scams that we published in our newsletter in February -- -- it's a good idea to review before talking with any prospective buyers, especially non Club members who don't provide a phone number and offer to pay full asking amount without asking questions or wanting to see any additional pictures/videos.

Vince Taliano
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