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1959 Coupe DeVille Exhaust System

Started by Gabe Davis, September 18, 2022, 02:36:49 PM

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Gabe Davis

Quote from: 59-in-pieces on January 18, 2023, 04:24:38 PMHere is a pic of an original cold rolled 59 wrap, to help document your journey.

Steve, thank you for sharing the picture of the original pipes! I searched the web high and low and was not able to find any.

It's interesting how tight the flex pipe is around the hard pipe. I wonder if they had a process that had both layers together before bending or if it was a slip on over the hard pipe. I'm sure they had some kind of jig or machine to do it.

I tried to get the 2 1/4" flex pipe on the hard pipe but the tighter bends kept it from going on. I would have had to cut slits in the flex to have any hope of opening up the radius. It had not been cut or modified in any way so I was able to return it. The 2 1/2" flex still put up a fight but I got it on.
1959 Coupe DeVille
Rosewood with Dover White Top

Gabe Davis

I have been reading this thread here:

It discusses drilling a small hole in the muffler and/or the resonator to drain water from the system. I could see that for the resonator for sure. According to that thread there were even Cadillac service bulletins instructing to do so.

If that is done to the muffler is there any chance of hearing an exhaust leak? After removing all of the holes I'm a little hesitant about adding them back!  ???
1959 Coupe DeVille
Rosewood with Dover White Top


Just a comment, when I started building custom
SS exhaust systems to avoid that maintenance,
those straight rubber strap hangers supporting
a pipe seemed to transmit a lot of vibration. 
Seen in the foreground of the picture.  I
changed to OEM hangers which all seemed to have
some curves (background), with better results. 
Bruce Roe


I have a Waldrons dual exhaust on my 59 flat top.
Its worth the wait. Perfect sound, factory specs.
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