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New Zealand FINZ Magazine - Happy Halloween & Beautiful blue '57

Started by FINZ Editor New Zealand, October 24, 2022, 06:06:08 PM

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FINZ Editor New Zealand

Greetings from The Cadillac La Salle Club of New Zealand (Inc.)
Hello everyone. Find attached is your latest FINZ Magazine for: NOVEMBER 2022
& Happy Halloween!
In this month's issue:
  • See what Socially Taranaki have been up to!
  • Latest 49th Caddy Nats in Gizzy update - HAVE YOU REGISTERED?
  • Additional Gizzy info in PDF form attached
  • Another Kiwi Cadillac cover!
  • Lots of fun items and catch-up news from around NZ and the globe
  • Details of Annual 'All USA Day' in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga attached as PDF.
  • And as always, plenty of colour
As always, I'd love to receive your Cadillac adventure stories and photos together with a few words for publication. Email them to me at [font="Times New Roman", serif]finzmagazineemail addresses not permitted[/font] If it is a particularly 'large MB shot' it has a greater chance of appearing on the front cover especially if it has character or a bit of flair. KIWI Caddies for consideration for the front cover. Email me yours now!
Until next issue, cruise safely out there!
Yours sincerely
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